Idd part 1 Interfaces with bsc parties and their Agents

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IDD Part 1 Interfaces with BSC Parties and their Agents Version 27.0

NETA Interface Definition and Design: Part 1

Interfaces with BSC Parties and their Agents


This document contains the definition and design of all interfaces between the BSC Service Systems and other Systems. It includes the specification of file formats and structure of electronic files. Part one only contains details for interfaces which involve BSC Parties and their Agents.



Issue date

November 2011

Effective date

3 November 2011

Prepared by

ELEXON Design Authority

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Table Of Contents

1 Introduction 3

2 Common Interface Conventions 9

3 External Interface Summary 34

4 BMRA External Inputs and Outputs 48

5 CDCA External Inputs and Outputs 242

6 CRA External Inputs and Outputs 271

7 ECVAA External Inputs and Outputs 289

8 SAA External Inputs and Outputs 332

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

1.1.1 Summary

This document is Part 1 of the Interface Definition and Design.

The scope of the document is, for each BSC Service System provided, the definition and design of all interfaces between the BSC Service System and other Systems.

The scope of Part 1 is limited to the definition and design of interfaces between the BSC Service System and the BSC Parties and their Agents.

Note that, subsequent to the introduction of P62, any of the following terms can represent a Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO) or any Party which distributes electricity.

  • Distribution Business

  • Distribution System Operator

  • Public Distribution System Operator (and abbreviation PDSO)

  • Distribution Company

  • Public Electricity Suppliers (PES), as operators of a distribution network

  • Distributor, as operator of a distribution network.

1.2 Scope

1.2.1 The Scope of this Document

This document describes the interfaces relevant to five of the seven BSC Service Systems. The interfaces relating to the Funds Administration Agent service are described separately in the FAA Interface Definition and Design. The services within the scope of this document are: BSC


Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent


Central Data Collection Agent


Central Registration Agent


Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent


Settlement Administration Agent

The remaining five are termed here the Central Services.

1.2.2 Types of Interface

Interfaces between the Central Services and other systems which are not part of the Central Services are termed External and are the main subject of the Interface Definition and Design. These interfaces are of two kinds:

  • Party interfaces – BSC Parties and Agents, including ECVNA, MVRNA, IA, IEA, SMRA and MOA. These interfaces are covered in Part 1 (this document).

  • System interfaces – to other BSC services: FAA, SVAA, the System Operator (SO) and BSCCo Ltd; These interfaces are covered in Part 2 (a separate document).

External interfaces which do not connect to a Central Service, e.g. FAA to Bank, are not included in the Interface Definition and Design.

The interfaces with BSC Parties and Agents will need a wider forum of agreement than the other interfaces, and will be tested in Market Interface Testing (MIT). The Interface Definition and Design is therefore divided into two separate parts for these two interface types. The two parts will be issued independently and will therefore have different version numbers.

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