Idd part 1 Interfaces with bsc parties and their Agents

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4.4 BMRA-I019: (output) Publish Credit Default Notices

Interface ID:



BMR Service User


Publish Credit Default Notices

BSC reference:



BMRA Publishing Interface





Interface Requirement:

The BMRA Service shall publish Credit Default Notices, as they are received from the ECVAA.

Credit Default Notices shall include all data listed in BMRA-I018, i.e.:
Credit Default Notice:
BSC Party ID

Credit Default Level

Entered Default Settlement Day

Entered Default Settlement Period

Cleared Default Settlement Day

Cleared Default Settlement Period

Cleared Default Reason

1. The Credit Default Level may be one of the following:

  • Level 1 Default;

  • Level 2 Default;

2. The Entered Settlement Day and Entered Settlement Period indicate when the BSC Party entered the reported default level.

3. The Cleared Settlement Day and Cleared Settlement Period indicate when the BSC Party cleared the reported default level.

4. The Cleared Default Reason indicates why the Party cleared default as supplied by ECVAA.

Data shall be published according to the formats defined in BMRA URS Appendix C. For more information please refer to the BMRA System Specification and Design Specification.

Credit Default Notices will be published 3 (parameterised) times at 20 minute (parameterised) intervals after receipt.

Physical Interface Details:

4.5 BMRA-I010: (output) BMRA Data Exception Reports

Interface ID:



System Operator, BSCCo Ltd, CRA, MIDP


BMRA Data Exception Reports

BSC reference:

BMRA SD 6.2, 7.3, 8.3, 8.4, P78


Electronic data file transfer




The BMRA Service shall issue Exception Reports to the SO, BSCCo Ltd, MIDPs or CRA if an input message fails validation, or if insufficient data has been received or, in the case of Adjustment Data, if a system parameter is set to indicate that an exception file is required. This covers errors in all message types.

The exception reports shall include:
Header of file being processed

File Type

Creation Time

From Role Code

From Participant Id

To Role Code

To Participant Id

Sequence Number

Test Data Flag
Header of NGC file being processed

NGC Filename

BMRA Data Exceptions

Exception Type

Exception Description
The header of file being processed may be a NETA File Header, a NGC File Header, or it may be omitted if, for example, the exception is that a file is missing.
The exception type may be one of the following:

  1. Balancing Mechanism data incomplete

  2. Input file validation error

Note that the file may contain one or many exception descriptions. A file may contain several problems, all of which will be reported in the one file. For example, exceptions on a FPN file may be reported against two different BMU identifiers which are not recognised by BMRA.

4.6 BMRA-I015: (input) Receive Market Index Data

Interface ID:





Receive Market Index Data

BSC reference:





Continuous for each Settlement Period


Up to 5 Providers, each sending data for each Settlement Period. Each Provider will submit either 1 file per period, or 1 file per day.

Interface Requirement:

The BMRA shall receive Market Index Data, from Market Index Data Providers, for each Settlement Period.

The flow shall include:
Market Index Data

Market Index Data Provider ID

Settlement Date

Settlement Period Market Index Data (1-50)

Settlement Period

Market Index Price

Market Index Volume

Traded Price (to be ignored)

Traded Volume (to be ignored)

1. Data submitted after the related period’s Indicative System Buy and Sell Price calculation has begun will be rejected.

2. Amendments to previously submitted data will be loaded and published by the BMRA as the most recent data, only if received before the related period’s calculation has begun.

3. No validation is carried out between BMRA and SAA to determine whether or not the same Market Index Data is submitted to both systems for each Settlement Period.

Physical Interface Details:

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