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Invitation to the Sida´s International Training Programme “ICT and Pedagogical Development 2016A”
International Training Programmes (ITP) are organised by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). These training programmes are organised in a number of technical and administrative fields where Sweden has a considerable level of expertise to offer.
Sweden is a forerunner in application of ICT in education and public use of digital social media. Swedish municipalities, schools and institutions of higher education see ICT as an important factor in the process of change.
Consequently, Sida will sponsor a training programme on “ICT and Pedagogical Development” scheduled to take place in Sweden, May 10 – June 2, 2016. The programme also includes a regional phase to take place in one of the participating countries.
On behalf of Sida, I have the honour to invite your country to nominate candidates to this programme.
The training is administered by LIFE Academy. The training programme will be conducted in English. Participants should hold an academic degree, or equivalent knowledge, and should have at least five years of practical working experience. The invitation attached provides further details of the training programme.
Since Sida is interested in encouraging women to participate in the programmes, nominations of female candidates are particularly welcome.
Sida will be covering the costs related to the training such as participation fee, meals and accommodation. Personal expenses are not included.
International travel costs to Sweden in phase 2 as well as to the regional training session in phase 4 will be covered by Sida.

Closing date for applications is December 1, 2015 and the application forms should be sent in the manner as indicated on the application form.

(For countries where English is not the mother tongue: We would be very grateful if the Embassy/Consulate, in the invitation, also could advise on suitable institution for testing the level of knowledge in English).

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