Ibn Battuta Assignment

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Ibn Battuta Assignment
One of the best ways to discover the world is through the writings of those that have traveled. Ibn Battuta traveled through Dar al-Islam during the 14th century. You are going to follow the travels of Battuta as he set out on the hajj from Tangiers using the following website:
There are 3 parts to this assignment.

  1. As you read about Battuta’s travels, answer the questions for your assigned section. Read carefully and make notes to yourself, you will have to explain your section to classmates.

  2. For the two sections you did not read yourself, you need to discuss the questions/answers with a classmate.

  3. Trace his travels on the provided map, marking the significant stopping points along Battuta’s adventure.

  4. Here’s the “fun” part! You are to choose 3 of Battuta’s stopping points to send a post card from, one from each section. You may write to one of his relatives or a friend back in Tangiers. Your post card must include the following:

    1. A picture on the front!

    2. On the back, you are writing as though you are Battuta. You must tell how you got to where you are, describe any sights/sounds/food/the people that stand out to you, and you MUST include aspects of Islam that are evident in this place.

You will be given today, Wednesday and Thursday to work on this in class. Anything not completed after that should be finished at home. This assignment will be turned in on Friday. You will not be given time in class Friday to work.

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