Ib 371 general mycology lecture outline phylum oomycota I. Saprolegniales october 9, 2003

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October 9, 2003
At the completion of today's lecture & lab, you should be able to:
1. Using a variety of types of evidence, convince your roommate that the Phylum Oomycota is best placed in the Kingdom Stramenopila.

2. Describe the defining morphological characteristics of the Oomycota.

3. Distinguish among the Orders of Oomycetes that make up the "saprolegnian galaxy".

4. Explain the life cycle of Saprolegnia parasitica to a group of salmonid wildlife biologists.

5. Use the following terms to describe the behavior of zoospores in the Saprolegniales: dimorphic, monomorphic, monoplanetic, diplanetic and polyplanetic.

6. Describe the role of hormones in sexual reproduction in Achlya.

I. Does the Phylum Oomycota belong in the Kingdom Fungi?

A. Characteristics similar to those of fungi.

B. Characteristics dissimilar from those of fungi.

C. Current hypothesis of phylogeny.

II. Distinguishing characteristics of the Oomycota.

A. Morphology.

B. General life cycle.

C. Biochemistry.

D. The zoospore.

E. Asexual reproduction.

F. Sexual reproduction.
III. The "saprolegnian galaxy".

A. Saprolegniales.

1. Distinguishing characteristics.

  1. Habitat and ecological role.

  2. Key taxa: Saprolegnia parasitica, Achlya ambisexulalis, Dictyuchus sp.




B. Lagenidiales.

1.Distinguishing characteristics

  1. Habitat and ecological role.

  2. Key taxon: Lagenidium callinectes

C. Leptomitales.

1. Distinguishing characteristics

  1. Habitat and ecological role.

D. Rhipidiales.

1. Distinguishing characteristics

2. Habitat and ecological role.
Reading Assignment:

Text 1 – pp. 19–26; Text 1 - Chapter 23, pp. 683–710.

Additional reading: Dick, M.W. 1990. Chapter 33 In The Handbook of

Protoctista, Ed. L. Margulis. (On reserve.)

Dick, M.W. 2001. The Peronosporomycetes. Pp30–72. in The Mycota VII

Part A Systematics and Evolution. McLaughlin/McLaughlin/Lemke

(Eds.) Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

van den Ende, H. 1976. Sexual Interactions in Plants. Chapter 3.

Sex Hormones in the Watermould Achlya. (on reserve)


Stramenopila (straminopila), tinsel flagellum, whiplash flagellum, oospore, oogonium, antheridium, oospheres, oospores, periplasm, primary zoospore, secondary zoospore, dimorphic, polyplanetic, diplanetic, monoplanetic, antheridiol, cellulin granules.

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