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I T Applications

Using Dreamweaver:

Create a website for the following Gymnastics Club. The data for the gym is below. The images are in the google docs folder:IT342015 and Nirvana Gym folder:

Also in Drop box folder:
The website will consist of at least the following pages:

  • Nirvana Gym Home Page

  • Coaching Staff

  • Timetable

  • Competitions

  • Office Bearers

  • Feedback

Follow the following steps, (use the revision and summary document as a guide).

  1. Create a new site

  2. Choose a layout

  3. Create a new folder images and place the images in this folder

  4. Work with your index page to insert your logo, establish background colors, images, etc.

  5. Add a navigation menu bar to the site using the spry framework

  6. Create a template

  7. Associate your home page with the template

  8. Create the additional pages as indicated above

  9. Add a feedback form web page.

Include additional images as required.

Use the appropriate format and convention rules.

Data for Nirvana Gymnastics Club

Nirvana Gymnastics Club Timetable: 2009

Level 1 (girls and boys), Monday 4.30–5.30

Level 2 (girls), Monday 4.30 –6.00

Level 2 (boys), Monday 5.00–6.30

Levels 3 and 4 (girls and boys), Monday 5.30–8.00; Thursday 5.30–8.00; Saturday 9.00–10.30

Level 5–6 (girls and boys), Monday 5.30–8.00; Thursday 5.00–8.00; Saturday 10.30–2.30

Acrobatics (girls and boys) Friday 4.30–6.30; Sunday 4.00–6.30


Coaching Staff

Nirvana Gymnastics Club Inc employs 7 part-time coaches. All coaches are qualified and regularly attend coaching programs offered by the Victorian Association of Gymnastics.

Head Coach: Jessica Firth (25 years old)

Jessica is a qualified level 2 coach and has been employed at the Club for seven years. She began her gymnastics’ career at Nirvana and reached level 8. Jessica is a qualified physical education teacher. This year Jessica is coaching the levels 5 and 6 girls, as well as overseeing the programs for all gymnasts.

Coach: Scott Parsons (21 years old)

Scott is a qualified level 1 coach and has enjoyed great success as a gymnast, representing Victoria at national competitions on three occasions. In addition to his part-time coaching position (levels 5 and 6 boys) he is studying for a degree in information technology.

Coach: Pablo Diaz (29 years old)

Pablo is a qualified level 1 coach and joined the club last year. As a gymnast he reached level 7 and brings to the Club a wealth of coaching experience. Pablo takes the levels 3 and 4 girls and boys.

Coach: Gudrun Saba (20 years old)

Gudrun has recently qualified as a level 1 coach, having been a gymnast at Nirvana for many years. She is well known to many parents and gymnasts and the club is very pleased to have her on their coaching team. Gudrun is taking the level 1 girls and boys on Monday nights and is assists Pablo with the levels 3 and 4 girls on Monday and Thursday nights.

Coach: Natasha King (21 years old)

Natasha joined the coaching team in 1998. She is a qualified level 1 coach and is training to become a ‘kindergym’ coach. This year she is coaching the level 2 girls as well as assisting with Sunday’s acrobatic class.

Coach: Nicci Ferres (28 years old)

Nicci is our acrobatics expert, in addition to being a qualified level 2 coach. She assists with the levels 5 and 6 girls on Saturday as well as taking the acrobatics classes.

Coach: Tom Johns (23 years old)

Tom is a former gymnast at our club and has been a former club champion. He is a qualified level 1 coach and is taking the level 2 boys on Monday nights.



Saturday 14 May 2009

Levels 1–3 invitational competition

Location: Nirvana Gymnastics Club In, Tulip Street, Sandringham

Time: 3.00–6.30

Entry fee: $10.00

Sunday: 25 June 2009

Levels 1–3 boys open competition

Location: Nirvana Gymnastics Club In, Tulip Street, Sandringham

Time: 1.00–5.00

Entry fee: $10.00
Sunday 6 August 2009

Levels 4–6 boys and girls open competition

Location: Nirvana Gymnastics Club In, Tulip Street, Sandringham

Time: 11.00–5.00

Entry fee: $15.00


Nirvana Gymnastics Club Inc
Office Bearers


President: Chris Cooke (9578 4903)

Secretary: Stephanie Parkin (9578 3811)

Treasurer: James Walpole (9577 4040)

Publicity Officer: Hannah Brown (9578 1529)

Equipment Officer: Sigrid Saavedra (9570 1096)

Registration Officer: Rosanna Bortelli (9578 1149)

Committee members:

Heidi Vanderhorst

Miriana Lade

Bruno Barelli

Les Johns

Judy Ondracek

Images in the folder: 17 files:

AT3_2A1.gif EEA logo

AT3_2A2.gif Earth.ed cover

AT3_2B1.gif Male gymnast /pommel

AT3_2B2.gif Male gymnast 2/rings

AT3_2B3.gif Female gymnast /beam 1

AT3_2B4.gif Female gymnast 2/beam 2

AT3_2B5.gif NGC logo

AT3_2B6.gif GAV logo

AT3_2B7.jpg Location map

AT3_2B8.jpg Gymfest

AT3_2B9.jpg Head coach


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