I am pleased I have managed to get the report out a little earlier than usual!

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Hi All,
I am pleased I have managed to get the report out a little earlier than usual!
A splendid month, however with a personal tally of 52 added I was 6 down on last year.
Great weather this month, but we did pay with two atrocious storms, the worst I have ever seen in my 19 years living here. So rare are thunderstorms here they resulted in a full upgrading in thunderstorm procedures at the airport.
The last Ryanair flight was on July 15th, and was the 686th landing of a Ryanair aircraft here. A total of 142 different aircraft visited. If rumors are to be believed they will be back, but nothing has been confirmed to date.
On a sadder note, with the loss of Ryanair and Aer Arran next week the inevitable has happened and our hours have been cut. We have been assured there will be no pay-offs (if possible), but at least I will have more time to do reports!
From the daily reports:

1st: Another hot day that was positively humid in the afternoon. Following some storms in the area, it is a cooler evening. Ambulance Learjet 35A D-CTRI was the first new visitor of the month, bringing a patient from Krakow. I should point out this was here before as I-DLON on 16.08.2000. Mid afternoon PH-DRK and PH-DRS Ce 560XLs followed in quick succession for a good start to the month.

2nd: A terrific thunderstorm to the North just clipped the airport late afternoon, taking out the ILS. It was feared the Red Arrows, here on their 1st visit in 2 years would be unable to display at Tain, but the Gods were on their side, and the storm cleared for them and the expectant crowd at the right time! Two military 1st visits today, Lynx XZ694 and Squirrel ZJ278. Jet Netherlands Ce 525B PH-FJK arrived on a 1st visit today, joining its two colleagues PH-DRK & S.

3rd: 3x 1st visits today, OE-IMK a Challenger, and then the star VH-NBX A.109S, not to be confused as we all were with VH-XBN last here 3 years ago! As with 3 years ago, this arrived after collection in Italy as new, and will be in the area for about a month. Finally Lear 60 OE-GNF arrived from Moscow.

4th: Only one 1st visit courtesy of Lufthansa, CRJ-700 D-ACPF.

6th: A nice Lear 40 for us today, OE-GVX and a new R-44 G-RAPT.

7th: The only thing of note today was a test flight of G-NOSS, the first flight since being registered as such!

8th: The best 1st visit of the day was by PC-12 M-ARTY, which also happened to be the 1st M- reg single to visit us.

9th: I must say we are getting some stunners in lately! Today it was Hawker 900XP VQ-BPH. 1st visit of a VQ-B here! Lynx XZ238/434 made two visits today from HMS Illustrious.

10th: Another excellent day, most of the action in the afternoon. G-EVEV R-44 Raven was the 1st new one for us. Next first was one of the growing visitors from Vistajet, Lear 60 OE-GLX. Although only its second visit Falcon 900EX OE-INB replaced HB-JGS an Emb 135BJ which would have been a 1st! Then M-GPIK Falcon 50EX followed by HB-LTV DA42 ended a great day.

12th: Citation Mustang G-FBLK was our only 1st visit today!

14th: Another splendid day here today, but some heavy showers later on. Low cloud at Wick brought in a few diversions, more importantly 3 new ones for us. 1st in was Ce T303 N289CW; next was the scheduled Birmingham with the new G-FLBB. Finally Lancair OM-CYL made for a good collection!

15th: What was originally to be a quiet day eventually went with a bang – literally! A severe thunderstorm brought things to a halt for a while this afternoon. The reason for the pun was we had three unexpected 1st visits. The first was a Belgian AA-5 OO-DCJ that was followed by King Air N173TC. Finally, although it was only a low approach and go-around, the third was Be B200GT G-RAFD. EI-EFE was the last Ryanair to visit as the service has now been terminated. 142 different RYR aircraft have visited Inverness since the beginning of services here.

18th: Two 1st visits, the first being the DLH CRJ D-ACPG which makes 5 out of 5 so far! At tea time F-HBFC, a Ce 182 arrived to night-stop.

19th: Undoubted star of the day was Hawker 850XP TC-DOY.

20th: Two more Turkish visitors today, TC-DAG Ce 560XLS and TC-KHA Hawker 900XP – keep them coming! Czech Ce P210 OK-TKN made it a hat-trick for us.

22nd: A smashing warm day today, and aircraft changes that proved good for us. The first was Ce 510 which was originally planned as G-FBLK, was changed to the similarly registered G-FLBK, a 1st visit for this. Easyjet then kindly changed the aircraft from Gatwick from G-EZDX to G-EZFF another first for us.

25th: Another really beautiful day with the weather, we are really being spoilt this year. We had 5x1st visits today, Lufthansa yet to double up on their new Dusseldorf service sending CRJ-700 D-ACPH. Next 1st was a new type for me, it was D-ELPH, a Commander 100 Darta Commander. The 3rd first visit was Global Express XRS HB-JEY, a splendid machine! 2 French Robin DR.400s made 4&5, F-GLDM & F-GSGD being the last two. Long based G-BXET PA38 departed to Dundee at 1148. This was the last of the Highland Flying School aircraft that remained here. It is shown on GINFO as Owner Pending.

28th: An arrival early this afternoon was Ce P210N Turbine N700RS which is night-stopping on the North Apron, a 1st visit.

31st: Although S5-ABL has been here once before, it was nice to see this smart aircraft again. The only 1st today was Be 1900 F-HBCA replacing the more usual F-HITM on the Lorient Fisherman’s run.

Stephen Lane.

4th August 2009


A registration and “1st Visit” in a green box, indicates that is the first visit of that aircraft with that registration, but the frame has visited with a different registration previously. Hopefully I`ll remember to put notes about it in the “by types” section! My records are only full from the year 2000, so any aircraft registered prior to this, and not in my records, may appear as “NR”, (no record), as I am not sure! However, if I have a record of the aircraft visiting prior to 2000, I put the date in italics, which signifies the aircraft visited on that date, but that is not necessarily the last visit of the aircraft!! Clear as mud!

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