Hungarian sm 2015 presents the largest startup competition in the cee region

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Hungarian SM 2015 presents the largest startup competition in the CEE region
Budapest, 05.03.2015 – Loffice, one of Hungary’s most influential startup expert team, and leading accelerator, OXO Labs, launch a JV international startup competition series at the region’s largest ICT conference SM 2015. Their ambitious goals are supported by valuable prizes. The winning startup will be chosen by an independent jury and will be awarded with a €15 000 funding, an opportunity to have an office space at Loffice, and to participate in OXO Labs’ half year acceleration program.
Loffice and OXO Labs launch their regional startup competition series, called CEE Lift Off! at the most influential ICT event of the region, SM 2015 Conference (former Smart Mobil). The contest aims to gather the most promising startups from all over the CEE countries at 8th of April, Budapest. Organizers have a unique set of skills and experience in reaching international talents. Loffice team provided opportunity for 5 enterprises to present themselves at Pioneer Festival 2014, which is considered to be among the leading startup events of the globe. In addition to this, Loffice LeWeb contest winners have advanced to Paris. As the head of OXO Labs, Péter Oszkó has taken his part from organizing and supporting the mentioned competitions as well as participating in other regional events as a mentor and jury.
All contestants are welcome to sign up for the competition until 26th of March. The jury, made up of local and international investors, IT experts, representatives of VCs, will choose 10 finalists on 3rd of April. In the final stage held on 8th of April, each startup gets 3 minutes to convince the jury. The winning company gains chance to spend 6 months in Budapest’s most innovative office building, Loffice, while participating OXO Labs’ acceleration program after a €15 000 funding.

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OXO Labs

OXO Labs is an accelerator scaling startups from the CEE region to global markets. The accelerator program of OXO Labs targets startups, innovation and technology based projects. We offer our program to young ventures in the phase of developing ideas, products, validating the market and the business model. OXO group members also offer full scale of early stage funding from angel, pre-seed, to seed and growth phase. OXO Angels provides convertible note financing to selected projects and supports startup teams further in local or international fund raising rounds either from funds held by OXO group, from our angel network or cooperating VC partners.


Loffice is a new-generation office where the creative and business world meet. It incorporates working, networking and relaxing, making it a place where everyone finds the space best suited to their activity. Originally established as the pioneer of the coworking model, Loffice has quickly established itself as a key hub in the Hungarian creative and startup scene. With its expansion into Vienna, it made the first step towards establishing a regional footprint in CEE. Besides offering workspace to entrepreneurs at multiple locations, LOFFICE has significant experience in providing a wide scale of services, such as event organization and all kinds of mentoring support, both directly via Loffice as through its reliable 3rd party network.

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