How to Save Yourself from Dropping Out Of College? Mr. Samir Al Baghdadi

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How to Save Yourself from Dropping Out Of College?

Mr. Samir Al Baghdadi

Reports indicate that the number of students that drop out of college in increasing every year. Did you ever care to stop for a moment and think about the reasons that made people drop out of college? If you are thinking at the moment why should I be worried about college dropout rates, then you should remember that you too could be one of them if you are not cautious.

What is the major reason for students drop out of college? Are you thinking that it is mainly because of financial reasons? Financial issues do contribute to a certain percentage of the college dropouts. However, you will be surprised to learn that the major reason for college dropouts is something else and that is lack of clear vision and clear career goal. What are your career goals? What do you want to do in life and where do you want to be in five years time from now? You should answer all these questions before you actually select your undergraduate degree programs.

If you want to protect yourself from becoming part of the college dropout statistics in Yemen, you will need to make clear career plans. First, list your interests and this should not be confused with your hobbies. You may like certain things as a hobby but you may not really want to make it into your career. So you need to distinguish between your career interests and your hobbies. However, there is nothing wrong in making your hobby into your career. It is totally up to you to select any line of education and any industry but the point here is that you make your choices well in advance so that you can select the right degree programs.

The second major reason for college dropouts is that students join the wrong institutions for their undergraduate degree programs. Many students fail to make a detailed research on their educational institutions before joining. They rush to enroll before reviewing the reputation and the credibility of the universities that they are joining and as a result, they end up with poor colleges which make the student lose interest in their studies.

The solution here is obvious; you need to spend adequate time in reviewing your universities. Pick the best educational institutions such as the Al-Nasser University, Yemen, which is hailed as the best practical university in Yemen. Never be too confident that you will never drop out of college; if you do not make the right choices your wrong decisions will make you pay up for the mistake. The good news however is that you are in total control here. Don’t you think that you are at total liberty to pick an undergraduate degree program that interests you? Don’t you think that you can research enough to pick the best institution? Yes, you can protect yourself completely from becoming one of the college dropouts. You will get all the help you need at the Al-Nasser University to make the right decisions.

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