How to Know Pennsylvania’s Biota Odonata

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How to Know Pennsylvania’s Biota
Odonata (Dragonflies and damselflies) of Pennsylvania
There is no formal publication dealing solely with PA.
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Includes generic keys to the larvae and specific keys to the adult males and females for all 162 species known from Ohio (as well as a few species likely to occur there).

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Bob Moul:

Tom Pawlesh

Checklist of PA Odonates:

Odonates of Pennsylvania

Ohio Odonata survey.

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Lepidoptera of Pennsylvania
There is no formal publication dealing solely with PA.

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Digital Guide to Moth Identification.

Bob Patterson's Entomology Page,

List of Butterflies of Pennsylvania,

Butterflies and Moths of North America,

Wildflowers of Pennsylvania
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Wildflowers of Western Pennsylvania,
Fishes of Pennsylvania
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Gallery of Pennsylvania Fishes. Text and photos from Pennsylvania Fishes.
Steiner, L. Pennsylvania Fishes. Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

Aquatic Sciences
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Birds of Pennsylvania

There may be a publication for the county where you live. Check here:

Or here

Brauning, D., ed. 1992. Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania. University of Pittsburgh Press ISBN 0822936925. 484 pp. Out of print, but available online at

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Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology

Official PA bird list-

Fergus, C. 2000. Wildlife of Pennsylvania and the Northeast. Stackpole Books. Mechanicsburg, PA. ISBN 0-8117-2899-4. 438 pp. $19.95.

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