How to Configure a Windows xp running Service Pack 2 pc to Use Centra

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How to Configure a Windows XP Running Service Pack 2 PC to Use Centra
Windows XP Service Pack 2 makes several changes to the PC without notifying the end user. The changes that most directly affect a Centra user are security changes. These changes occur in two places.

  • First, the Internet Explorer security settings are changed.

  • Second, the Windows Firewall is greatly expanded and automatically enabled.

Adjusting these two items will take a few minutes.

Additionally, two software packages may need to be downloaded to the computer manually. In order to avoid having the user troubleshoot the PC to determine which packages must be downloaded, this instruction sheet will assume that both are needed and explain the process in that light.
1. Download Microsoft Java Virtual Machine
If you already have the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and it is at least version 5.00.3805, skip steps 1 and 2.
Open your Internet Explorer web browser. Click once in the Address Bar and delete its current contents. Type into the Address Bar and then press the Enter key on your key­board. This will open the Centra Support web site in your browser window.
Use the scroll bar to move to the bottom of the page. On the right-hand side you will find a blue picture that reads, "Need a new JVM? Click here." Click on the picture. This will bring you to a second page where there is a numbered list of instructions.
The first one contains a web link for a file called msjavx86.exe. Click on that link. A dialogue box will appear asking if you want to open the file or if you want to save it. Select "Save." A new dialog box will appear allowing you to choose where on your hard drive to save the file. We recommend choosing "Desktop." Please do not change the file name or file type. After choosing "Desktop," click the "Save" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the window. The file will begin to download to your PC. A small download dialogue will be present on the screen during this process, which will display an estimated time to complete the download. On dial-up modem connections this download will typically require between 18 and 25 minutes to complete. The download will be drastically faster on most DSL, cable, satellite, or other broadband internet connections. When the download is complete, close the download window.
2. Install Microsoft Java Virtual Machine
Double-click on the "msjavx86.exe" icon on your Desktop. If given the option, select "Run this program." Several dialogue boxes will appear. The first will ask if you want to install the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. The second will ask if you agree to the license terms. The third will inform you that the installation is complete and ask if you would like to reboot. In order to complete the installation you will need to select "yes" on all three occasions. Please read the license terms carefully.
After the third dialogue box has appeared and you have clicked "yes" on it, your PC will reboot automatically. This is normal and required. When your computer has rebooted, proceed to the next step.
3. Download the Centra Client Software
Click once in the Internet Explorer Address Bar and delete its current contents. Type your Centra server address into the address bar as if you were trying to reach its login page. This will typically follow a format such as if you are an ASP customer. At the end of that address add the following text:
Be sure to capitalize the "I" in Install. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
A new web page should appear on your screen that contains the words "To Install Centra." On that page another numbered list will be visible. Item 1 should read "Click setup.exe." Click once on the word "setup." Another download dialogue window will appear.
Follow the same procedure as in step 1. Select "Save" and then choose "Desktop" as the place to save the file. Then click the "Save" but­ton and the download process will begin again. The small download dialogue window with the download timer will once again be present in the middle of the screen. This download will require a time to complete that is similar to the time to complete the earlier download. Close the download window when the down­load is complete. Close all other open programs, remembering to save your work, until you have no remaining open programs and can see only your normal Desk­top background image and icons. Two new icons should be present: one called msjavx86.exe and one called setup.exe. In some cases the ".exe" will not be visible. Make sure both icons are visi­ble.
4. Install the Centra Client Software
Double-click on the "setup.exe" icon on your Desktop. If given the option, select, "Run this pro­gram." Several dialogue boxes will appear. Click "Next" or "Continue" or "Yes" as appropriate on each dialogue box. Please read the license terms carefully. Do not change the text in the text box on the "Extraction Path" dialogue unless you have a specific need to do so.
Click "Finish" when the installation is complete. The installation window will disappear from your screen, leaving you back on your Desktop.
You have now completed all the manual download and instal­lation tasks. The remaining steps deal with adjusting the security settings mentioned at the begin­ning of this document.
5. Configure Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer. Find the "Tools" menu at the top of the screen and click it. On that menu select "Internet Options." A new window should appear. Click on the "Security" tab. Click on "Internet" in the white area and then click "Custom Level." Another dialogue box will appear with a list of security settings for internet use.
In the section called "ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins," you will need to select "Enable" for the first three items. When you have done so click OK. (If asked if you want to make the requested changes, select "Yes.")
Click on the "Privacy" tab. Click the "Default" button and make sure that the vertical slider bar along the left side of the dialogue box is set to Medium or lower. Uncheck the box for the Pop-Up Blocker.
At the top right-hand side of the dia­logue box is a tab that reads "Advanced." Click on that next (not the button on the current screen that reads "Advanced Settings.") Once on the Advanced tab, scroll down a bit less than halfway and find the section called "Microsoft VM." Make sure the box labeled "JIT Compiler" is checked.
Above the Microsoft VM section may be another section called "Java (Sun)." This item is not present on all PCs. (If it is present on yours it will appear above the Microsoft VM section but below the HTTP 1.1 Settings section.) If it is present, uncheck any items in that section. Click "OK."
Close Internet Explorer. Reboot your computer.
6. Configure the Windows Firewall
Click the "Start" button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Select Control Panel. In the Control Panel, find the entry for Windows Firewall and click it. If you do not see it, look for Win­dows Security Center and click it and then find Windows Firewall and click it.
Once in the Win­dows Firewall, click on the "Exceptions" tab. This will show a list of programs that the Windows Firewall will ignore. Click the "Add Program" button. This will show a list of programs that the Windows Firewall recognizes. Click the "Browse" button.
A new dialogue box will appear. It will look like an Open File box like the one you see when opening a Word docu­ment, and it works the same way. Use this dialogue box to go to your "My Computer" item. From there, double-click on the icon for your C drive. From there, double-click on the "Program Files" icon. (If you do not see any icons in that folder, click the link that reads "Show contents of this folder.")
Find the CentraOne folder and double-click it. From there double-click on the "Bin" folder. Inside it is a file called Launcher.exe. (Again, the ".exe" portion of the name may not be visible.) Double-click on that file. It will now appear in the list of programs the file recognizes. Find it in that list and double-click on it. It will now appear in the "Exceptions" list in the Excep­tions tab. Make sure it is checked. Click OK. Exit the Windows Firewall screen and the Con­trol Panel.
Your PC now has installed Java handling software and the Centra software, and has configured Internet Explorer and the Windows Firewall to allow you to use Centra successfully. From this point forward you should be able to follow the remaining directions from your session leader on how to access the Centra server and your particular class or meeting.

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