Hours: full-time 40 hours, with possible weekend coverage

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Position: Vocational Counselor
Reports To: Director of Vocational Educational Services

Location: Jericho Residence I; 1846 Anthony Ave. Bronx, NY

Hours: full-time 40 hours, with possible weekend coverage


  • Provide vocational/educational case management services to a caseload of 25-40 tenants.

  • Utilizes accepted vocational rehabilitation counseling techniques and practices to address voc/ed issues in individual and group settings with residents and graduates of the Jericho Project.

  • Provides counseling to consumers in situational assessment experiences and those working competitively.

  • Specializes in issues related to situational assessment experiences, competitive job retention and/or transition.

  • Consults with situational assessment site supervisors and competitive employers ( if needed) as well as with Vocational/Educational Department Director and staff.

  • Develops and Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP) with the consumer that is consistent with the consumer’s interests, values, skills and goals.

  • Assesses functional limitations in the consumer’s living, learning, social, and working environments.

  • Accesses community resources to aide consumers in their job search, job retention and/or reemployment efforts.

  • Aides Department Director and Job Developer in the creation and implementation of a Business Advisory Council

  • Participates in weekly team meetings and case conference

  • May assist Job Developer and Department Director in developing employment contacts

Collateral Duties:

Requirements: MA in rehabilitation counseling, or counseling preferred, MSW with vocational rehabilitation experience considered, BA with two years experience required. Knowledge of job retention and reemployment issues of those in remission from alcoholism and substance abuse. Broad knowledge of issues impacting on the quality of life of the formerly homeless preferred. Creative self- starter interested in working in a non-traditional vocational rehabilitation setting.

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