Hours: 18. 5 hours per week

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Grade: NHS Band 6

Hours: 18.5 hours per week

Responsible to: IAPT Manager

Employing body: Board of Touchstone

Location: 179-181 Hazelwood Drive, Leeds. LS9 7RE

Position: Permanent

It will be necessary to work flexible hours including some evenings and weekends


To assist the IAPT Manager with the day-to-day delivery of the Touchstone Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) service. To support the effective leadership and performance management of the Touchstone IAPT service and the team of staff. . To be responsible for key management tasks including; co-ordination of Quality Assessment Framework (QAF), quarterly IAPT monitoring, and in conjunction with Team Manager assist in the development of Team Action Plans and achievement of these.

1.1 To contribute to the leadership and management of the IAPT Service. This involves on-going supervision and appraisal to team members as well as analysing and responding to performance management data.
1.2 To actively promote the IAPT service with the aim of enhancing self-referral rates from priority groups.
1.3 To represent and promote the service in the wider health and social care community both formally and informally, with the aim of making contact with BME communities.
1.4 To support the IAPT Manager with monitoring the performance of the service by analysing relevant PCMIS data, providing regular reports for commissioners, Providers Partnership Board and Touchstone’s SMT and Board.
1.5 To attend meetings according to the needs of the service eg IAPT Project meetings and Touchstone’s Management Team Meetings.


2.1 To assist the IAPT Manager with the development and ongoing use of accessible community clinics for delivery of CBT, with the aim of reaching priority groups.
2.2 To support the review of clinician’s caseloads and their progression with cases to ensure delivery of contract targets.
2.3 To assist the IAPT Manager with the development of self-referral pathways for BME communities, with a particular focus on Black African, Pakistani and Indian communities.
2.4 To analyse the needs of service users, and assist IAPT Manager with developing and managing innovative means of improving access to CBT – eg. BME specific group work, telephone screening and treatment.
2.5 To assist the IAPT Manager with ensuring that staffing provision meets the Organisation’s safety and service requirements.
2.6 To ensure that staff maintain full, accurate and up to date confidential service user records.
2.7 To support service operations and ensure that the office space complies with the relevant legislation and regulations.

2.8 In liaison with IAPT Manager and Administrator ensure that ICT equipment and other resources are available and maintained to the necessary standards to support service delivery.

2.9 To provide a culturally sensitive and accessible service.
2.10 In conjunction with the IAPT Manager to ensure the effective management of the Direct Referral, Screening and Treatment pathway.
3.1 To support the development of the IAPT service in conjunction with the IAPT Manager and service users.
3.2 To adapt and implement existing policies and procedures in line with the needs of IAPT Service.
3.3 To evaluate the work of the IAPT Service in consultation with the IAPT Manager and staff.
4.1 To take supervisory and performance management responsibility for a number of clinicians
4.2 In conjunction with the Manager to be responsible for day to day health and safety within IAPT.
4.3 Identify learning and development needs and facilitate relevant activities and development opportunities.
5.1 To work closely with the IAPT Manager in order to further the work of the IAPT Service.
5.2 To undertake out of hours and weekend work as required by the IAPT Service.
5.3 To be inducted, supervised, performance monitored and appraised in line with the organisation’s performance management policies and procedures.
5.4 To be responsible for personal learning and development where appropriate and undertake training, both mandatory and optional, to increase knowledge, skills and awareness.

5.6 To deputise for or represent the IAPT Manager at internal or external meetings when requested (as appropriate).

5.7 To be aware of and employ the general practices of Touchstones health and safety policy and ensure these are adhered to at all times

5.8 To operate within the aims, policies and practices of Touchstone at all times and to be committed to and promote the organisation’s equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory policies.

5.9 To ensure information is dealt with in accordance with Touchstone’s policies around; Data Protection, Confidentiality, Communications, Internet, Email and Telecommunications and steps are taken to ensure that confidential information is secure e.g. service user data.

5.10. To operate within the aims, policies and practices of Touchstone at all times.

5.11. To provide information about Touchstone as a whole and in particular the IAPT Service to people/agencies interested in the organisation’s work.
5.12 To undertake any other duties as directed by the IAPT Manager that may reasonably fall within the scope of the post.

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