Hope There's Someone

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A Cry From the Inside
"Hope There's Someone", Antony and the Johnsons

(from the EP Hope There’s Someone [2005])

"Hope Vol. 2", Apocalyptica feat. Matthias Sayer

(from Amplified: A Decade of Reinventing the Cello [2006])

"Shattered", The Cranberries

(from Bury the Hatchet [1999])

"Animal Instinct", The Cranberries

(from Bury the Hatchet [1999])

"Empty", The Cranberries

(from No Need to Argue [1994])

"Them", The Cranberries

(from the collection Treasure Box: The Complete Sessions 1991-1999 [2002])

"Cheers Darlin", Damien Rice

(from O [2003])

"Hexagram", Deftones

(from Deftones [2003])

"Minerva", Deftones

(from Deftones [2003])

"Moana", Deftones

(from Deftones [2003])

"Change (In the House of Flies)", Deftones

(from White Pony [2000])

"Pink Maggit", Deftones

(from White Pony [2000])

"One Caress", Depeche Mode

(from Songs of Faith and Devotion [1993])

"El Tango de Roxanne", from the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge [2001]
"Jeanny", Falco

(from Rock Me Falco [1986])

"Spanish Eyes", Madonna

(from Like a Prayer [1989])

"Who Will Take My Dreams Away", Marianne Faithfull

(from the soundtrack de The City of Lost Children [1996])

"Down Under", Men at Work

(from Business As Usual [1982])

"Beds Are Burning", Midnight Oil

(from Diesel and Dust [1987])

"My Weakness", Moby

(from Play [1999])

"weeping rock, rock", Múm

(from Summer Make Good [2004])

"Citizen Erased", Muse

(from Origin of Symmetry [2001])

"The Great Below", NIN

(from The Fragile [1999])

"The Childcatcher", Patrick Wolf

(from Lycanthropy [2004])

"Imagine", A Perfect Circle

(from Emotive [2004])

"The Noose", A Perfect Circle

(from Thirteenth Step [2003])

"What I Do on Saturday", Steve Burns

(from Songs for Dust Mites [2003])

"Mourning Air", Portishead

(from Portishead [1997])

"Exit Music (For a Film)", Radiohead

(from OK Computer [1997])

"Let Down", Radiohead

(from OK Computer [1997])

"Sign of the Zodiac", Rasputina

(from How We Quit the Forest [1998])

"Furious Angels", Rob Dougan

(from Furious Angels [1998])

"All You Want", Said the Shark

(from Always Prattling On About Wolves [2006])

"Half Jack", The Dresden Dolls

(from The Dresden Dolls [2004])

"La Pared", Shakira

(from Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 [2005])

"Untitled 5 a.k.a. Álafoss", Sigur Rós

(from () [2002])

"Soot and Stars", Smashing Pumpkins

(from Greatest Hits [2001])

"En la Ciudad de la Furia", Soda Stereo feat. Andrea Echevarri

(from Comfort y Música Para Volar: Unplugged [1996])

"El Nudo", Superaquello

(from La Emergencia [2006])

"El Rescate de un Cuerpo", Superaquello

(from La Emergencia [2006])

"Naranja", Superaquello

(from Mu Psiqui Ta [2004])

"Disgustipated", Tool

(from Undertow [1993])

"The Power of Orange Knickers", Tori Amor feat. Damien Rice

(from The Beekeper [2005])

"Blood Roses", Tori Amos

(from Boys for Pele [1996])

"Spark", Tori Amos

(from From the Choirgirl Hotel [1998])

"Para Morir Contigo", Icaro Azul

(from Y La Noche Gritaba [2002])

"Hrafnagaldur (Odin’s Raven Magic)", Steindor Andersen

(from the soundtrack de Screaming Masterpiece [2005])

"Hunter", 30 Seconds to Mars

(from A Beautiful Lie [2006])

"Last Christmas", Sainkho Namtchylak

(from the compilation Miniatures, Vol. 2 [2000])

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