History 202: Spring 2012 Midterm Study Guide From lecture

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History 202: Spring 2012 Midterm Study Guide
From lecture:
"Federal American Indian Policy"

"The Creation of a Segregated South"

"The Birth of Modern America"—as far as we get.

From reading:

Chapter 19
The Rise of Industry

****Mechanization Takes Command

****Expanding the Market for Goods

*****Integration, Combination, and Merger

*****The Gospel of Wealth
Labor in the Age of Big Business

*******The Wages System

***The Knights of Labor

***The American Federation of Labor

The New South

*****An Internal Colony

*Southern Labor

The Transformation of Piedmont

******The Industrial City

*****Populating the City

*****The Urban Landscape

*****The City and…

*********The Rise of Consumer Society

*****Conspicuous Consumption


****Life in the Streets

Cultures in Conflict


*******Leisure and Public Space

*******National Pastimes

Chapter 20
*****Toward a National Governing Class

****The Growth of Government

****The Machinery of Government

****The Spoils System and Civil Service Reform

**********Farmers and Workers Organize

******The Grange

******The Farmers’ Alliance

******Workers Search For Power

******Women Build

******Populism and the People’s Party

The Crisis of the 1890’s

*****Financial Collapse and Depression

*********Strikes: Coeur d'Alene, Homestead, and Pullman

*****The Social Gospel

****Politics of Reform, Politics of Order

***The Free Silver Issue

****Populism's Last Campaigns

***The Republican Triumph

******Nativism and Jim Crow
The Politics of Reform, Politics of Order

**The Free Silver Issue

**Populism’s Last Campaigns

**The Republican Triumph

****Nativism and Jim Crow

Chapter 21
**The Henry Street Settlement…
*********The Origins of Progressivism

***Unifying Themes

**New Journalism: Muckrakinig

**Intellectual Trends

[Photographing Poverty]

***The Female Dominion

Progressive Politics in Cities and States

***The Urban Machine

****Progressives and Urban Reform

**Statehouse Progressives

Social Control and its Limits

**The Prohibition Movement

**The Social Evil

****The Redemption of Leisure

****The Standardization of Education

Challenges to Progressivism

****The New Global Immigration

***Urban Ghettos

***Company Towns

*********Competing Visions: the AFL and the IWW

****Rebels in Bohemia

Women’s Movements and Black Activism

****The New Woman

****Birth Control

****Racism and Accommodation

****Racial Justice: the NAACP and Black Women's Activism

National Progressvism

***Theodore Roosevelt

****Trust-Busting Regulation

*****The Birth of Environmentalism


Postwar Prosperity and Its Price

            **The Second Industrial Revolution

            ****The Modern Corporation

            *******Welfare Capitalism

            ***The Auto Age

            ******Cities and Suburbs

The State, the Economy, and Business


****The New Mass Culture

            ******Movie Made America

            ******Radio Broadcasting

            ******New Forms of Journalism

            *******Advertising Modernity

            ******The Phonograph and the Recording Industry

            ******Sports and Celebrity

            ******A New Morality?

***Modernity and Traditionalism


            *********Immigration Restriction

            *****The KKK

            ******Fundamentalism in Religion

***Promises Postponed

            ******Feminism in Transition

            ***********Dayton Tennesee

            ******Mexican Immigration

            ******The “New Negro”

            ******Alienated Intellectuals

            ******The Election of 1928
From documentaries and films:
“The Prize”


Essay prompt:
our midterm will be on the 17th and 19th of November.  Your essay prompt is the following:

1)   Discuss Federal American Indian Policy and its impact on Indians.  How can the treatment of American Indians be seen as a betrayal of “Novus Ordo Seclorum?”  Make sure to include background information, paradigms etc., before turning to actual policy.


2)   Discuss the creation of Jim Crow Segregation in the South and its impact on African Americans.  Why did the South “reconstruct” itself the way that it did?  Make sure to include background information.

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