Hey Everyone!

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Hey Everyone!
Another week has passed, and you know that means we’re back with another blog for all you vinyl fiends! This week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK is pretty insane, and definitely one of the most impressive 7” releases we’ve seen in a while….
NOFX are back with a brand new 7” boxset containing every single 7” single they have EVER released! WOW! Appopriately titled “126 Inches of NOFX”, this boxset contains 17” different singles, as well as a brand NEW 7” single containing a rare demo from 1984! If that wasn’t enough, this monstrous boxset even comes with an exclusive NOFX 7” slipmat for your record player! I’m sure fans will lose their minds over these when they show up in the mail….Gotta give it up to Fat Wreck for going all out on this one!


LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords

LABEL WEBSITE: www.fatwreck.com
-------------------------------- Honorable Mentions ------------------------------------------------
The first honorable mention this time around comes in the form of a 12” picture-disc split between the almighty ALKALINE TRIO and HOT WATER MUSIC! No Idea Records decided to re-release this classic split in picture disc format, and it looks killer! Both bands cover each other’s songs…What could be cooler than that?! Definitely a must have for the fans out there…

BAND: Hot Water Music / Alkaline Trio

LABEL: No Idea Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.noidearecords.com
Next up is a rad new 12” release entitled “Immigraniada” from the gypsy-punks in GOGOL BORDELLO! This release features some remixes of some of their best songs, so this is definitely one for the collectors….The yellow vinyl looks fantastic too!!

BAND: Gogol Bordello

LABEL: Casa Gogol

BAND WEBSITE: http://www.gogolbordello.com/
Check out the “Milky Clear” and “Silver” A Side / B Side vinyl on this new ALTAR OF OBLIVION LP! The hot foil stamping for the band’s logo on the album cover looks amazing as well…. Definitely a slick release!

BAND: Altar of Oblivion

LABEL: Cyclopean Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.cyclopeanrecords.com
It’s always awesome to press records for a band that might possibly the biggest rock band on the planet right now…Check out the latest vinyl release from THE BLACK KEYS! This picture-disc repress of the band’s “Chulahoma” album looks great! I’m sure their fans will eat this up….

BAND: The Black Keys

LABEL: Fat Possum

LABEL WEBSITE: www.fatpossum.com
You gotta’ love the vinyl configurations for this release… From GRAVEFACE Records comes the new LP from Portland’s shoegaze up and comers in WHIRR! The “Ultra Clear” w/ black splatter looks fantastic! The Green A Side / B Side version is pretty sweet too…Rad!!

BAND: Whirr

LABEL: Graveface Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.graveface.com
Next up is another great new 7” release from RUN FOR COVER Records! As part of their ongoing split 7” series, the label decided to release some new songs from TIGERS JAW and BLACK CLOUDS! Great choice on the vinyl configurations…Simple but classy! Keep up the great work, Jeff!

BAND: Tigers Jaw / Black Clouds

LABEL: Run for Cover Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.runforcoverrecords.com
RISE RECORDS seem to be churning out the vinyl these days, and that is certainly not a bad thing! This repress form SHARKS’ latest record is pretty nuts…Get a load of that tri-color vinyl! The different shades of green was an awesome idea....

BAND: Sharks

LABEL: Rise Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.riserecords.com
Last but not least is an intense new release from the hardcore heavyweights in OLD GHOSTS! It’s always refreshing to see some solid colors when it comes to vinyl, and these 3 different vinyl configurations were a great match for the release!

BAND: Old Ghosts

LABEL: State of Mind Recordings

LABEL WEBSITE: www.stateofmindrecordings.com

That’s all we got for you this week! We hope you enjoyed this batch of records…Now spread that good word and repost the link to ROTW on your Facebook, Twitter, and everything else… Until next week… VINYL RULES ALL!


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