Hey Everyone!

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Hey Everyone!

It’s been a few weeks since a proper RECORD OF THE WEEK blog, but we’re back once again, rejuvenated and refreshed from the holidays!! If you know Pirates Press, you know that the vinyl never stops coming in, and the past few weeks have presented some AWESOME new releases!

The top contender this week comes from the almighty NUCLEAR WAR NOW! Productions, with their 205th release! Holy smokes. This new EMBRACE OF THORNS double LP features three different color versions: Transparent Red, Grey, and Black (not pictured). Each jacket contains a plain color record, as well a version with offset printing right on the vinyl … Fuck yeah!! You gotta give it up to labels who go the extra mile to create such awesome projects…. We love it!

BAND: Embrace of Thorns

LABEL: Nuclear War Now! Productions

LABEL WEBSITE: www.nwnprod.com

------------------------------------------ Honorable Mentions -------------------------------------
The first honorable mention this week comes from the metal warriors in GOATWHORE! Their new LP looks fantastic, and the Black/Red Half and Half version matches the artwork perfectly…Always rad to do vinyl for Metal Blade Records… Legendary!!

BAND: Goatwhore

LABEL: Metal Blade Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.metalblade.com
PURE NOISE RECORDS seems to be on a roll lately, and their latest release is sure to expand their name even further! This new 7” from the Bay Area’s very own TROUBLED COAST came out looking sweet! Great job, Jake!!

BAND: Troubled Coast

LABEL: Pure Noise Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.purenoise.net
The newest FRANKIE ROSE 7” from Slumberland looks killer!! Trippy cover art, some crazy A Side/B Side vinyl….That’s all you need, really!

BAND: Frankie Rose

LABEL: Slumberland Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.slumberlandrecords.com
Just another example of the many cool things we can with picture disc sleeves! This new 10” release from THE SPRING PRESS takes full advantage of that… a little printing on a sleeve goes a long way! This looks awesome!!

BAND: Compound Eye

LABEL: The Spring Press

LABEL WEBSITE: www.thespringpress.com
The latest CENTURY MEDIA release comes from the almighty LACUNA COIL. Check out that vinyl!! That’s what happens when you combine multiple colored splatters…Nice!!

BAND: Lacuna Coil

LABEL: Century Media Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.centurymedia.com
From C I Records comes the latest LP from the metalcore road-warriors in AUGUST BURNS RED! Get a load of that A Side/B side splattered vinyl!!

BAND: August Burns Red

LABEL: C I Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.cirecords.com

DEATHWISH, INC are starting off the new year right with an LP release of OATHBREAKER’s “Maelstrom”. Beware all fans of heavy music: This is your new favorite record!

BAND: Oathbreaker

LABEL: Deathwish, Inc

LABEL WEBSITE: www.deathwishinc.com
This is one of the coolest looking pieces of vinyl we’ve seen come through here in a while! Looks like something straight out of space!!


LABEL: Art Amiss Records

Last but not least is a brand new double LP release from TAIGA RECORDS! The band is HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE, and this beast of a package comes with reverse-board jacket with a 5mm spine and two records in individual heavy-stock printed innersleeves!! Holy moly…What a record!!

BAND: House of Low Culture

LABEL: Taiga Records

LABEL WEBSITE: www.taigarecords.com

That about wraps up this week’s blog!! We hope you guys had an awesome and relaxing holiday… but now it’s time to get your asses in the record shops to buy more vinyl!! Use that X-Mas money wisely… Support vinyl!!

Until next week…VINYL RULES ALL!!

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