Hello, Dena. How are you and what is going on with Dislike at the moment?

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  1. Hello, Dena. How are you and what is going on with Dislike at the moment?

Hello Teglica, first of all, it was your idea to make an interview on English, so i must apologies for my not-so-good English. I hope everyone will understand my bullshits :-) I feel good and happy, the end of life is near, and I don't have time for crying :-p Dislike has just returned from 5th Anti-Fa Festival organized in Pula. It was Dislike's first visit in Pula and must admit it was great. Do you remember when Senseless and Dickless Tracy went to Pula on our Zviz tour, back to 1999.? After lots of misunderstandings we finally drunk all those beers and went back to Koper, hehe OK, lets go back to my answer, right now, Dislike is playing some gigs around, making and preparing new tracks, same as future gigs and hopefully new records.
2) You released a CD-R which is of course totally DIY. Why didn't you release it in the profi CD

format, hehe?

I guess Dickless Tracy would give me the same answer, haha Answer is quite simple, we used to do it by our selves but due the lack of money it was done not so professional. Our first idea was to find a label that would be interested for putting that shit on vinyl or some split CD's or something, but it was hard to find it without participating any money from the band's side. As time were passing by, we couldn't wait and done it by ourselves. We covered all costs and make our own distribution of last album, the best thing is that you can give your releases to your friends for a gift knowing you have lots of your own CD's in a stock, the last thing was to earn some money from that release.

  1. The title CTRL is very interesting. Besides the probable meaning "control" does it represent something else?

Yeah, it is connection between real and virtual world that is provided by machines called personal computers. Soon or later, we will be totally controlled by it...

  1. What are lyrics about and how come you choose to put all your lyrics onto the Dislike web page?

Our lyrics are individual expression of its writers. Talking about life; yesterday, today and tomorrow, touching the questions of religious fanaticism, human stupidity, destroyed human values or misanthropic views of our future. Our lyrics were written by us or our ex-members and near friends (especially ludji Sux and Kktz) who were contributing to this way of art and expression, so you can read about different point of views, starting from alcohol and optimism, through the hedonism and to the pessimistic and misanthropic. We put all our lyrics on our site for free after we realized nobody wanted to pay some bucks for it :-)

  1. The music is pretty much different than your previous tapes - this is total death grind madness - how did this come to be? Is it natural beer infested weed smoking evolution from crust to death grind?

Thanx to satan you didn't write technical :-) I think as time were passing our music has been changing, as well. We started as a DIS band, shouting Doom and Hiatus riffs and now we are more into Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, ENT or Terrorizer, but always trying to add some original parts. After changing the access of being into a band, we finally started to sound like a band and play music we always listened: aggressive metal. I must admit we were not able to play that kind of music in our beginnings cause we really didn't know how to play it, it was more important to get drunk and sing a long all nights in front of bar. To me, beer is good, but not so good while playing. But i didn't knew it before :-) Smoking is much more acceptable. So, after all these years, we finally learned few things: playing a bit better and faster :-), not so much booze before gigs, tuning our guitars, tuning our sound and last one: play as much as you can and enjoy it!!! BTW, i am just listening last album from Terrorizer and it kick ass :-)

  1. You are the only original member in Dislike, right? How do you see Dislike today and before? Any regrets of where Dislike choose to go music wise?

Yeah, Dislike were formed by Kukatz and me, but Smole and Gera were also from the near beginnings. I think some of my views were given in answer before... Through all of these years of playing there was a big progress in the band and i am really satisfied today. Of course, there are always some things i wanna change and improve, but nobody is perfect and I won't complain a lot. BTW, do you remember that Dislike were supporting Dickless Tracy and Senseless on our Zviz tour back to 1999. in a club EX near Varaždin. I don't remember if it was planned or not but we get drunk and wanna play. I think it was first time i was sitting on the drum set including double bas pedal and china cymbal, and it was yours, hehe! Maybe you can write more about how we played that night :-)

  1. I know you are a guitarist, but as a drummer you kick ass and you should be worshiped for being a grinding menace - where did you learn all this and how does it differ to play technical drums in opposition to your crusty HC guitar style as I've seen in your band Senseless?

hehe, tnx my friend but i'll promise you will got some serious strokes right in your head first time i see you :-) i didn't go to any music school and i am sure i don't know how to handle drum sticks proper in my hand and it's true. It just that after ten years of beating cymbals and toms i had to learn something better than beginners. All i had learned was from watching other drummers playing live. I am also playing drums in punk rock band No Name and hard core band Nonsense. I've played bass guitars and do some vocals in some bands (fight back, hellback, raspad sistema, ...) But, guitar was my favorite instrument, and unfortunately i don't play it a lot today. As guitarist, I played in Senseless, but today there are some other bands i'm playing guitar with (Loš Primjer, Sprovod...) Here are some YouTube.Com searching keywords for you to see:

1. Dislike – DMI

2. Young Blaster - Gravity Blast

3. No Name – Romansa

4. sprovod - suffocate in shit

5. Dislike hyperblast drumming

enjoy :-)

  1. Dislike is also other members - Gera, Smole and File - can you describe their musical activities, instrument skills in Dislike and how do they contribute to Dislike?

No, Dislike is only me. Hehe, just joking... each member is contributing band at their highest possibilities. Gera is non alcoholic so you cannot expect some unpredictable behavior. He showing total loyalty to this band although he is married and have a little kid and work 50 km away from Pozega. Sometimes, his life obligations tied our plans, but we keep going. Smole is the crazy growler that involves lots of financial investments into this band and taking care about bookings and stuffs. Gera and Smole are also experienced car drivers for our show travelings and that is really important if you don't wanna lose your head on the road. I am financial and booking manager of the band and i am taking all money that we earned on gigs, haha Also, i do write songs and lyrics for Dislike, same as whole visual and print identity. Filip also write his great songs and lyrics and he drinks lots of beers, beers and lots of beers on the show, but he is magic musician and taking care about technical stuffs like tuning sounds. He runs his own music studio StudioDepth.Com where Dislike records our tracks and rehearsals. Except Dislike, each of us play in other bands from our area (No Name, Drob, Loš Primjer, Defiant, Nonsense, Sprovod, ...).

  1. Oh, yeah - what is it about the DIS- names that they sound so cool in the underground - what is your favorite DIS-band and why?

He he, Dislike were also one of DIS clones :-) I like heavy albums from Discharge and just don't remember lots of true DIS bands right now. Kukatz and Gera were more into that community. There are some great Croatian DIS bands like: DISCHERGE, DISKETA, DJEČJI DISPANZER, DISTORZIJA, DIS' BIO 1991?, DISKOTEKA,... etc :-)

  1. What happened to the other father of Dislike, Kukatz? Is he now a dark lord of požeška ravnica?

Together with me, Kukatz was former of Dislike. He contributed band with great arts and tracks which are hits nowadays. He left band with common agreement and still giving us support today. Kukatz is dark lord of everything, and i think his last nick was "balkan ghost" or something like that. You should check his site on http://www.myspace.com/gruuthaagy to convince yourself that he is really dark lord of everything.

  1. When creating grind in Dislike way what is better - pivo or djekna loza?

puno piva, puno svega, ... samo daj!!! :-)

  1. How much does alcohol help or distract your grinding capabilities?

I've already answered it in 5th answer... only help of alcohol in my grinding capabilities is that it relax me after the shows. Also, alcohol and drugs can create an powerful illusion to the drunk people in front of stage, haha so in the other hand, you can say it helps :-)

  1. When can we expect a new album?

Soon after Loš Primjer release its new album.

  1. You are a computer geek and master of Dislike web page. What is better - Myspace or Homepage and why?

Both is great, MySpace for fast and easiest communications and spreading the news. The most important with MySpace is that it is so easy. Web page is only better to represent some other things in the band that is hard or even not possible in MySpace and it is: visual identity, lyrics, downloads, web shop and merchandise, links that are not myspace, guestbook is open for everyone (not only MySpace users)... and everything you can do with more designing freedom and without big adds and banners. Dislike uses both way of communications. MySpace got popular year or two ago, but we all know that popular things will be crushed somedays and do not know how it will functioning for the user.
15) What is your opinion on death of Boris Dvornik and Dino Dvornik?

I know only that Boris died from brain stroke and Dino died from overdose of different combination of tabletes. Don't have some bigger opinion, they were both great artist, Boris as actor and Dino as musician. And what is your opinion?

  1. Can we expect a Pozega Underground Big Brother or Big Grinder? What would that look like?

Haha, nice idea... i think it would set some new rules in democracy of our system... Santa Barbara is nothing compared with this idea... Who is better; Cruz Castillo or Boris Milaković - Kukatz? I think Kukatz.

  1. Pozega seems like a concentration of total underground? What is a reason for this - there is so many underground warriors and bands there? Is the scene there healthy and strong or is this just an alcohol fueled illusion?

Yeah, there are lots of bands here, but it was all done by not so many persons :-) As i've already said, we all play in that bands... of course, not all bands are active at the time, but if you compare it with other croatian cities that are much bigger than small Pozega we are worth of some underground respect :-) Except playing, we have youth association and organizing gigs, festivals and exhibitions, same as releasing CD's and tapes. So, there are some movements here although i really liked your term "alcohol fueled illusion" that almost forced me to write answer from that angle... maybe it would be much interesting than this one :-)

  1. Croatia today is - as I read and see - a very dangerous state. It seems that capitol, Zagreb, is the 8th most dangerous city in Europe. How do you see the reality in Croatia today?

Hm, the things you read and saw is not always as they are for real. All capitols in Europe are dangerous, but question is to whom? Latest murders in Zagreb cannot be true danger for us, "small" people... I am not satisfied with reality in Croatia, cause we still feel consequences of war and if you are watching TV or reading newspapers you will see that lots of problems is all about past war. Some things are going better, some are getting worst, think no one will never be satisfied.

  1. Are you afraid of the global economic crisis?

No, i am collecting kunas, tolars, dolars and euros in my "pig style money box" (kak se kaže kasica prasica?)

  1. Do you miss Heath Ledger?

Who is that guy? Your bass player?

  1. What are the plans for Dislike - can we hope for spllit with the legendary Meri Cetinich?

Only plans for Dislike is to finally release that promising split with Meri Cetinić. A new record of Meri Cetinich is professionally produced, much gained and drum triggered than whole productions of a nowadays. You should check it out.
22) Tnx, Dena

I love you Pegla.

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