Hello Club Members and Potential Club Members

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Vought Bass Club New News


VBC President

            Randy Burrell




Hello Club Members and Potential Club Members

We are looking forward to another good year fishing again at Vought Bass Club. The newly elected officers have created the schedule for the 2011 year with the Tournament of Champions in March at Richland Chambers, 2 day tournament at Whitney, and the 2 man team tournament at Eagle Mountain. We will also fish the North Texas Bass Club Challenge in the Spring and possibly the Battle of the Bass Clubs. We will help out and fish at the Big Bass Bonanza in May. See you all at the Banquet this Saturday.

Up coming events

2011 Awards Banquet Jan 22nd at 6:30pm at the Soroptimist Club
 121 SW Dallas St (One Block south of intersection of Jefferson & Center St.) down town Grand Prairie. 

There will be raffles (about $300 worth) so bring some extra cash. The cost of the meal per adult will be $5each and for kids ages 12 and under will be $2 each. We will also be renewing memberships then. Or you can renew at the ramp at Monticello.

1st Tournament of the year...Lake Monticello Jan 29th 7am to 3pm at the boat ramp.
Memberships for 2011
Memberships for 2011 will remain the same as 2010 which is ages 65 and over $5. Renewal for existing members will be $14 and new members will be $20. Membership will cover you, your spouse, and kids ages 17 and under. You can pay at the banquet, or at the ramp.

Also put the word out that we would really like more members and guests, so bring or invite others to fish with us.


See you all at the banquet where we all will have a great time discussing plans to catch more fish year.  

                                                                                                         Have a great day!

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