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We do hope you find the following materia medica information useful with regards to homeopathic remedies to keep you and your family in the best of health this winter.
Coughs, colds, flu, sore throats etc are most prevalent during the winter and below are some commonly prescribed remedies for these complaints. Depending on your complaint, match your symptoms as closely as possible to the most appropriate remedy listed. If you do not find a suitable remedy please contact us for help.
Dosage: 1 pill three times daily until symptoms improve. Take away from food or drink because strong-tasting substances can stop the remedies working. If your symptoms fail to improve after 5 or 6 doses of a remedy then look again, it may be that you do not have the right remedy.
Aconite 30c - 
No. 1 Remedy for nipping colds in the bud. Useful in the early stages of colds, fevers, sore throats and the inflammatory stage of other illnesses. Sudden onset often after exposure to cold. Much sneezing with pain at root of nose. Dry mucous membranes. Worse: evening or night and for touch. Better: fresh air and rest.
Allium Cepa 30c – Common, feverish cold with streaming eyes and nose. Profuse, watery nasal discharge which burns upper lip. Red, running eyes with bland discharge. Headache, worse in warm room. Worse: evening and stuffy rooms. Better: open air and cold room.
Arsenicum Alb 30c. – Catches cold easily: burning, watery nasal discharge alternating with dryness. Frequent sneezing without relief. Very chilly and shivery. Nostrils become sore and red and nose feels blocked alternating with watery discharge. Worse: change of temperature, cold, damp and after midnight. Better: heat and warm applications, hot drinks.
AGE 30c Arsenicum-iod/Gelsemium/Eupatorium in combination - very useful for covering typical flu symptoms.
Euphrasia 30c Profuse bland nasal discharge and red eyes with burning tears and frequent sneezing. Burning, sore throat and eyes sensitive to light.

Worse: light, in the evening. Better: during the day when up and about.

Eupatorium 30c - Chill followed by heat and sweating. Intense aching of bones as if broken or bruised. Great thirst for cold drinks. Worse: movement, cold, open air. Better: Resting, warmth, sweating.

Ferrum Phos 30c – Tired and weary, not feeling quite right. First signs of a cold or flu. Red inflamed eyes. Chill with shivering and fever with flushed face. Hot, burning, gritty eyes. Worse: quick movements, cold air. Better: rest, cold applications.
Gelsemium 30c - No 1 remedy for flu. Dull, sluggish, with heavy looking eyes and dull headache usually at the back of the neck. Chills and shivering up and down the spine. Aching muscles in limbs and back. Burning throat. Colds and flu usually comes on gradually. Worse: cold, damp weather. Better: after urination.
Nux Vomica 30c - Colds and flu with extreme chilliness; just cannot get warm. Nose blocked at night but runs during the day, or lots of sneezing alternating with blocked nose, sides can alternate. Sore or raw throat and teeth may ache. Thirsty and Irritable. Worse: early morning, eating, cold air. Better: heat, lying down, sleep.
Pulsatilla 30c - Chilliness even in a warm room, nasal catarrh, bland and thick. Dry mouth with no thirst. Painful headache with changing, shifting symptoms. Worse in a warm room, after lying down. Better: in the open air.
Rhus Tox 30c – Very restless with aching in all muscles and stiffness. Just cannot get comfortable. Heat alternating with chills; pain in the head and eyes with red face. Worse: night, first movement. Better: warmth
Sinus Combination Remedy – Ferr-p/Kali-m/Kali-s/Nat-m 6x to help clear and support the sinuses.
Catarrh Combination RemedyKali Bich/Hydrastis/Pulsatilla 30c – very useful for stubborn catarrh be it in the nasal passages , ears or chest.
Aconite 30c – Sudden onset of sore throat after exposure to cold or cold dry winds. High fever, flushed face with restlessness or anxiety. Pharynx and tonsils bright red (without pus) burning and mildly swollen. Painful swallowing but intensely thirsty for cold drinks.
Apis 30c - Redness and swelling of mucous membranes. Dirty grey covering of throat with or without ulcers on tonsils. Swelling of uvula. Stinging or stitching pains. Worse: warmth and warm drinks. Better: cold applications/cold drinks
Belladonna 30cNo 1 remedy for sore throats with sudden onset. Bright red, inflamed angry looking throat. Swollen glands. Dry burning heat, flushed face with fever. Burning with pain extending to right ear when swallowing. Neck tender to touch. Worse: swallowing, talking, cold air, touch. Better: sitting up in bed.
Hepar Sulph 30c – Pain spreading to ear when not swallowing. Swollen ulcerated tonsils with offensive breath and much saliva. Splinter like pains or, sore, raw and burning. Worse: cold air and drinks. Better: warmth of bed and wrapping up head and throat.
Lachesis 30c – Sore throat starts on LEFT side. Dry, intensely swollen with a sensation of a lump in the throat. Throat dusky, purplish and dry with a constant desire to swallow. Worse: left side, pressure and constriction. Better: swallowing solid food.
Lycopodium 30c – Sore throat starts on RIGHT side and extends to the left. Throat membrane is grey/white with ulcers. Dryness without thirst. Burning sore , rawness. Worse: swallowing, in the afternoon from 4-8. Better: warm drinks and food.
Merc Viv 30c - Ulcerated throat, tonsillitis. Offensive breath with profuse saliva especially at night. Swollen glands. May have bitter metallic taste in mouth. Sore, raw burning pains or splinter like pains that shoot into ear or neck on swallowing. Worse: night, swallowing, heat or cold. Better: moderate temperature.
Nitric Acid 30c Horrible pain, often stitching or “like a fish bone” in the throat. Dark red tonsils and pharynx with ulceration. Pain may extend to ears on swallowing. Worse: cold air, swallowing must lower head to swallow.
Phytolacca 30c – Throat is dark red, dry and rough. May have white or grey spots on sides of throat. Cannot swallow anything hot. Very painful swollen glands. Pain shoots in both ears on swallowing and pain felt at base of tongue when sticking it out of mouth. Worse: hot drinks and hot food. Better: cold drinks
Aconite 30c- Sudden onset often after exposure to cold air. Dry croupy cough with runny nose and sneezing. Irritation of respiratory tract, hoarseness/dryness of throat. Worse: cold dry winds, talking and deep breathing. Better: lying on back.
Ant Tart 30c – Noisy, rattling, loose cough as if chest full of mucus. Young children or elderly with cough too weak to expel the mucus. Worse: night, especially from 10 pm until after midnight, lying flat, eating. Better sitting up and after expectoration
Bryonia 30c – Dry hacking cough in the evening and night without sputum. Spasmodic cough shaking the whole body, pain in the head and abdomen from coughing, better for holding the painful part. Dryness of all air passages with thirst. Worse: movement, deep breathing, lying in bed. Better: fresh air and for holding painful part.
Causticum 30c – Cough with raw, sore feeling in chest. Hollow, hard, dry cough from tickling in throat. Expectoration not easy to cough up and slips back down the throat. Worse: lying down, talking and bending head forward. Better: cold drinks
Coccus Cacti 30c – Paroxysmal, hard, short hacking cough ending in copious thick, ropes of mucus. Worse: 6-7 am or after 11.00 pm, becoming heated, warm rooms. Better: cold, open air, cold drinks.
Drosera 30c – Spasmodic, dry irritating coughs like whooping cough. Barking cough which is dry in the evening and loose in the morning. Sputum is yellow/green, bitter or offensive, bloody or pus like. Retching after spasmodic cough. Worse: after midnight, lying down, singing, laughing and drinking. Better: holding chest.
Hepar Sulph 30cProductive cough with thick, yellow mucus. Also dry, croupy cough. Worse: slightest drafts, uncovering, cold dry air Better: warmth, from expectoration.
Ipecacuanha 30c – Almost always totally dry cough which comes in paroxysms causing choking, gagging or vomiting. Worse: night; deep inspiration, especially in morning while lying in bed, warm room. Better: after expectoration and cold drinks. A good children’s cough remedy if the symptoms fit.
Phosphorous 30c – Cough may be dry or loose, (useful in the early stages of bronchitis/pneumonia). Every cold descends to the chest. Burning in the chest with raw larynx and feeling of tightness. Scratchy sensation in the throat, tickling cough. Worse: change from warm air to cold air, talking, laughing. Better: heat, sleep and lying on right side
Pulsatilla 30c – Catarrhal cough with copious yellow/green lumpy mucus. Dry cough at night, loose in the morning. Worse: warm stuffy rooms, lying down, becoming warm in bed. Better: fresh air, gentle walking, sitting up in bed.
Rumex 30c – Main remedy for tickling, irritating coughs. Incessant, violent, tickling cough with scant expectoration. Intense tickling in the larynx and trachea , worse cold air. Person has to cover mouth when they go out in the cold air. Teasing cough preventing sleep. Worse: slightest inspiration of cold air, going from warm room to cold, talking. Better: warm air
Spongia 30c - Barking, dry croupy cough with wheezing and rasping. Great dryness of all air passages. Scanty expectoration tasting salty, looser in the morning but no mucous rattle in the chest. Sensation like a saw being driven through a board or had to breathe through a dry sponge. Worse: warm room, talking, before midnight. Better: swallowing, especially warm drinks, sitting up and bending forward.

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