Heineken Open’er Festival 2012 in 6 Days!

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Heineken Open’er Festival 2012 in 6 Days!

In less than a week, Heineken Open’er 2012 begins! Over four days, seven stages will feature:: Björk, New Order, Justice, Bon Iver, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Mars Volta, Mumford & Sons, The Kills, The xx, The Cardigans, Orbital, Public Enemy, Gogol Bordello, Janelle Monáe, Major Lazer and many more – all the best in music. The artists will overtake Main Stage, Tent Stage, World Stage, Talents Stage, Alter Space, Beat Stage and Silent Disco.

A performance of penderecki//greenwood project will be the festival highlight. You can listen to in on Thursday, July 5 at 8 pm on Main Stage. Works from both composers will be performed by AUKSO orchestra, conducted by Marek Moś and the Maestro himself! This year, look out for artists from European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP): Jessie Ware and the Czech band DVA. The novelties include Talents Stage, which from now on will not only host new talents from Poland, but also best bands of ETEP‘s sister project: Central and Eastern European Talent Exchange Programme, represented this year by. Czechs Pipes and Pints, Hungarian Kerekes Band and Latvian Intrumenti.

This year’s edition also reveals its new face – the Art project at Open’er. It starts off with Krzysztof Warlikowski’s Nowy Teatr and „Angels in America”, based on Tony Kushner’s play. The nearly 6-hour-long staging takes place on each festival day at 12:00 noon in an impressive theatre tent , build only for this purpose and located next to the main entrance. The theatre part also features original theatre collective Gob Squad with“Before Your Very Eyes”. ALTERKINO, in its turn, will show the best documents from Planete+ Doc Film Festival selection. An airport hangar, redesigned for this purpose, will host the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw with its exhibition VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR, portraying the the liaisons between music and visual arts. The project will be crowned by Open’er Gallery with a large-format installation by Maurycy Gomulicki!

Apart from that, Open’er will feature familiar stages and activities: Fashion Stage, NGO Zone, Kids Zone, the Ferris wheel and plenty more!

See you in six days now!

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