Heart of the Forest Community Special School Person specification Post: Family Liaison Worker

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Heart of the Forest Community Special School

Person specification
Post: Family Liaison Worker



Education and qualifications

Holds Level 3 qualification (NVQ or equivalent)

Family support qualification

Counselling skills

Holds English and Maths qualifications to Level 2 or higher

Knowledge of child development

Is committed to continuous professional development

Knowledge and experience

Has experience in a Family liaison role

Has knowledge of /training in CAFs/the EHCP process (graduated pathway)

Has experience of working with children and young people with severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties and their families

Has experience of working with other agencies

Has understanding of Safeguarding/Child protection practices

Has awareness of changes to SEN legislation during 2014

Has a working knowledge of the SEN Code of Practice

Has experience of record keeping of actions undertaken

Has knowledge of the issues facing children and their families

Has knowledge of organisations and groups which are available to support parents

Has working knowledge of strategies used in teaching pupils with SEN e.g. Makaton, PECS, TEACCH

Skills and abilities

Has a commitment to promoting the rights of the child

Has the ability to train others

Is able to prioritise, plan and organise own workload and work on own initiative

Has a commitment to promoting equal opportunities

Is ICT literate and able to keep on-going log of actions undertaken to support families

Has good organisational skills

Is able to deal calmly with emergencies which affect pupils and families

Personal Qualities

Is a clear communicator – verbally and in writing

Is able to make and maintain good relationships with parents, pupils, staff and other professionals

Is enthusiastic

Is able to work co-operatively as part of the whole school team

Has a good sense of humour

Is sensitive to the needs of pupils and their families

Is able to work in a non-judgemental manner

Has good problem-solving skills

Is open and honest

Is able to handle sensitive personal information and maintain appropriate confidentially

Is able to work in partnership with pupils and families

Is tactful

Is able to manage own stress

Special requirements

Is able to drive and has use of a car with suitable business insurance

Is able to work flexible hours on a planned basis

February 2015

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