Healthy Pontiac, We Can! Meeting Minutes

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Healthy Pontiac, We Can!

Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2014

Members Present:

Erika Alexander Oakland Family Services

Karlton Akins Community Mental Health

David Bowman Mclaren Oakland

Ashley Cooper Oakland County Health Division

Leigh Davis OC Economic Development & Community Affairs

Debbie El-Bathy Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network

Ashok Gupta WalkingDr

Pamela Hackert Oakland County Health Division

Jennifer Kirby Oakland County Health Division

Vickie Krigner Common Ground

Jennifer Lucarelli Oakland University

Gloria Lutey Oakland County Health Division

Sarah Mills Gleaners Community Food Bank

Mary Pietila Pontiac City Council

Dominic Pietro Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network

Katherine Polmear Oakland County Health Division

Kelly Rolando UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

Pamela Ross National Kidney Foundation of MI

Geneita Singletary Mercy Place Clinic

Maricela Villalvazo Office of Senator Jim Marleau

Kristen Wiltfang OC Economic Development & Community Affairs
Staff Present:

Christina Harvey Oakland County Health Division

1. Welcome / Introductions

The regular meeting of Healthy Pontiac, We Can! was called to order at 1:06 p.m. on April 8, 2014 at Oakland County Health Division by HP,WC! Chairperson Jennifer Lucarelli.

2. Approval of Minutes

Motion moved by J. Kirby to approve the minutes of March 11, 2014 as written. Seconded by A. Cooper.

Motion Carried Unanimously
3. Agenda Additions

4. Partner Speed Dating

P. Ross provided information packets on the National Kidney Foundation programs. She works out of the Detroit office which covers the Pontiac area. The “Healthy Kids and Kidneys” program is currently at Rogers and Herrington Elementary Schools in Pontiac. They are implementing a new grant called “Pathways to Potential” in collaboration with Department of Human Services (DHS) teaching nutrition and healthy lifestyles to parents. They will be located in the Parent Resource rooms in Rogers, Herrington, and WRC schools and the program will also offer “Body Works” and “Cooking Matters In the Store.” J. Lucarelli informed members NKF also received a national REACH Grant for work in Detroit.
5. June MDCH Conference

C. Harvey informed members MDCH is holding the “Healthy Places for Healthy People” conference in June. HP,WC! has been asked to be part of a session highlighting the WIC’s Park Pass initiative. HP,WC! co-chairs would like to send a team of 5 or 6 people to attend the training in June. If you are interested in attending the conference or would like more information contact C. Harvey.

6. Project Updates

  1. Resource Kits: C. Harvey informed members the resource kit is being updated for 2014. The kits are funded and will include the Community Update, produce/farmer market locations with accepted assistance programs, summer taste-testing and food demo locations, and information on completed and current park upgrades.

  2. Worksite Wellness: No update

  3. SNAP-Ed at Produce Markets: J. Kirby informed members the nutrition educator will begin doing recipe samples and taste testings’ at All Saints and OLHSA Markets. A card listing taste-testing dates and locations will be available at the next HP,WC! meeting. HP,WC! will provide the evidence based “Cooking with Kids” at summer feeding sites in Waterford and Pontiac.

  4. WIC Parks Pass Pilot: K. Polmear informed members this is a pilot program under the

4x4 Grant. The program provides WIC clients with passes to five Oakland County Parks that require car entry fees and offer amenities likes trails, picnic areas, etc. The client will receive three coupons for the parks but must complete the survey on the back of the coupon to gain entry. 500 coupons have been printed and clients can get a second set of coupons if available after completing a phone survey.

  1. Healthy Bites: C. Harvey informed members the healthy food retailer program will start with the Lafayette Market. They are creating a healthy bites menu with the potential of being used for their catering. C. Harvey told members they are currently looking for a second food retail location in Pontiac.

  2. HPWC Communication: New Member Packets and Community Update are complete and available for distribution. The events link is being utilized by partners on the HPWC! website.

7. City Council Meetings

J. Lucarelli informed members they would like partners to volunteer to attend city council meetings to promote HPWC! and current projects. M. Pietila informed members if they want to make a community announcement they need to fill out a card by Wednesday before 4:30 pm and they will have 2 minutes to speak during the meeting. If they want to sign in on the clipboard they will have time to speak after the City Council meeting. She informed partners if they want to do a presentation they have to email the city clerk before Tuesday. C. Harvey and M. Pietila will facilitate with sign up and C. Harvey will provide talking points. J. Lucarelli informed members the meeting setting is very informal and they only need one volunteer each month. M. Pietila informed members the meetings run from 1 ½ hours to 4 or 5 hours. C. Harvey suggested filling out the orange card to speak during the meeting. Talking points for the May meeting are available for members to review.

8. 2015 Prioritization

C. Harvey reviewed the 2015 Prioritization packet with members which will help identify the priority projects for the coming year. She informed partners the packets are due back by April 25th.

9. Partnership Updates

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will start Safe Wheels and Heels with second grade children in Pontiac Schools in partnership with Mclaren Oakland. The program provides a free bike helmet to each child.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will participate at Healthy Affair XII on April 26th. K. Rolando requested HPWC! materials for both events.

Common Ground moved to the Resource Center on the Oakland County campus.

10. Adjournment:

Motion moved by J. Kirby to adjourn the meeting, seconded by C. Harvey.

Motion Carried Unanimously

Being no further business, J. Lucarelli adjourned the meeting at 2:32 p.m. The next general meeting will be at 1 p.m. on May 13, 2014 at the Baldwin Center, 212 Baldwin Ave., Pontiac.

Minutes submitted by: Signa Metivier

Approved by: Christina Harvey

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