Hatchery of arwana silver brazil (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) in mina karya koi centre, district of sleman, province di. Yogyakarta

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Didya Sinatryani and Kustiawan Tri Pursetyo. 2013. 12 p.

Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan Universitas Airlangga

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One of fishery commodity with potency to be conducting in export scale now is Silver Arwana fish (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum). Height of mortility rate in seed Silver Arowana therefore availibility of seed to export was decline. This problem must be paid attention to in activity of hatchery of fish Arwana Silver. Work Field Practice occurred in Mina Karya Koi Centre, in Dusun Blendangan, Sleman, province DI. Yogyakarta. It was held from 14th January to 12th February 2013. The purposes of Work Field Practice is to understand all activity of hatchery of Fish Arwana Silver and knows the factors which pursues run of effort at Mina Karya Koi Centre.

Hatchery activity of Silver Arwana performed at semi concrete pond which rectangular shape. Broodstock of Silver Arwana comes from Kalimantan and Sulawesi with 4 years old and 3 kg in weight. Raising of broodstock Silver Arwana with adding feed contains of frog (Rana cancrivora) and Stromateus Fish (Colossoma macropomum). Changing of water circulation are following the current stream of Kuning River which is turned towards the pond of parental Silver Arwan. Besides controller quality of water for example temperature, brightness and pH always taking care of. Temperature at water territory around 28-29°C, pH 7,5-8, contents of ammonia 0,45-0,5 mg/L and 67-69 cms in brightness.

Activity of hatchery of the Mina Karya Koi Centre comes up untill incubation egg around 30-35 days and harvesting by broking open oral of male Silver Arwana. Secretory larva from mouth directly taken by buyers and sold has the size of 4-6 cms which still an egg yolk. In activity Work Field Practice, hatchery of Silver Arwana reachs 2042 larvas. The obstruction in hatchery of Silver Arwana Fish are difficult to differentiate female and male Silver Arwana. Silver Arwana very requiring situation which almost looks like they wild habitate therefore the water quality in pond follows in water quality of river. Consumer demands in Silver Arwana is very high but Mina Karya Koi Centre can only fulfill 50% banding of market.

Key words: Silver Arwana fish, hatching, Mina Karya Koi Centre Sleman

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