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Chalene: Build your tribe with this quick Instagram tip. Remember before you post your next video or photo to ask yourself, is this valuable to a complete stranger? So what if your posting is simply interesting to people who already know you and especially interesting to you in a very small group of personal friends. Well then it's better served in a group text message than it is on Instagram.
Hello and welcome to build your tribe; this episode will give you the latest Instagram updates to help you better use hash tags, understand recent changes and make the most of time and really crush it on Instagram. Here she is, the woman who works me to the bone, Chalene Johnson. Oh and by the way you look really pretty today?
Chalene: Wait a second that sounded like a question mark at the end Siri. Do you have a Siri who has a major attitude? My Siri has a major attitude you better watch it sister, I am not above switching to an Android phone.
But this episode is not about phones, it's about an app on your phone. Now it's about Instagram. Now wait before you roll your eyes, before it turn up your nose, I want to give you few things social media marketers, tribe builders and those of you who are building your brand to get excited about Instagram.
This is what I want to tell you about Instagram, I know her very, very well we've spent perhaps too much time together. I've made myself an authority and expert on Instagram by basically stepping a way from almost all other social media platforms to dig in deep to Instagram.
I set out to create an academy on Instagram once it started to get popular in 2012 and I really stepped out of all the other areas so I could focus all of my attention and efforts on Instagram. I want to tell you this, I think that Instagram right now is in an awkward teenage phase and she is about to blossom into a full blown mature woman or man depending on how you want to look at this.
I just think there's some interesting things that I'm going to share with you in this program that will entice you to at least have a presence on Instagram and understand some basics of how it can help you connect with people. And some of the things you might be doing right now just randomly that I can help you better become your brand better connect with the people who you want to connect with and help on Instagram because if you're just copying what some of the other people are doing. Some of the other media social marketers even than what you might find is you're only attracting people who already know you.
And let's just all agree that what we're doing is trying in general each day is we want to reach new people, right? You want to build your brand you want to extend your lifers. You want to create bigger tribe and the only way to do that is not to keep serving people who already know us. Who are already going to find the stuff interesting because they know who we are? But to attract people who don't know us so I'm going to talk about that in this episode. And I’m also going to share with you some inside information based on my own investigative reporting, sounds funny but it's true, on what I think is bout to happen on Instagram based on some things I've been seeing on job postings.
There are some huge hiring’s going on at Instagram that seemed to indicate they're bout to take care of us. And by us I mean those of us who you –I don't want to just waste my time anywhere in social media. I want to know that my message is reaching the right people. And Instagram I can tell you is bout to expand that area of their offerings in the business suite and give us the tools that we love on Facebook, so we understand a little bit more about our reach, paid reach, organic reach, what stuff is working because you can't just look at like or comments and know the answer to that question.
There's a lot of research to show that sometimes people aren't liking videos even though they really liked them. So we're going to learn a lot more about those things in this episode. So if nothing else, I want you to get excited about Instagram so that you can create a presence so that when she does come in to full maturity which I think is right around the corner you won't say to yourself "Man! How come all these other people have this huge followings Instagram and I'm having such a hard time building it and I feel like I've got here too late. I feel like I came to the party just as it was you know every one had already found their dance partner."
In other words, I want you to get there early enough that you could call yourself an early settler and start to understand what's working and how to use Instagram the right way.
There is so much false and poor information being disseminated out there from people who call themselves experts on Instagram and I just challenge you to go and look at their Instagram page and see if it's working and then take a look at the people who maybe they're not selling something related to how to boost your Instagram page but just take a look at the people who are killing it. What are they doing? You know I'm going to share a lot of those tips with you in this program. But let's just start first with some of the most recent changes that I think make Instagram more appealing.
The first of which was the change they made back in April with regard to the popular page Algorithm. Now in the past when you logged on to Instagram you went to your "Explore Page", it was really a popular page. In other words, the only things that we're showing up there were celebrities or huge accounts of random teenagers who were first on Instagram so they already had two million users or followers. And you're like, who is this random teenager from San Clemente, California and why do they have two million followers. Why are they famous?
And I started to search in that was what the very first things I did when I devoted myself to Instagram and case after case after case I found the only reason why they're famous is because they had more numbers than everybody else so teenagers would look at that and go "Oh, this must be someone who's really popular so I'll follow them.", and that trend just snowballed just like on YouTube. And so oftentimes it wasn't even someone who has really interesting or funny or pretty or had any value whatsoever their numbers just grew from the momentum of big numbers.
So what we were seeing when we click the explore page was those accounts. Accounts that we're receiving thousand and thousands of likes in the first couple of minutes of their post that would trigger the algorithm to place them on the popular page or what was called the explore page but honestly speaking it was the popular page. So it took me months and months and months to crack that code and finally get my own stuff on the “popular page" and I started teaching other people how to do that too and helping my students not through trickery but through growing their accounts quickly and teaching them how to get their followers to like their stuff quickly and interact and to tag other people and my students started being able to get their own stuff on the popular page.
Now I wasn't recommending that my students or my self get their stuff on the popular page to be "popular". It was for the same reason you would want a video to go viral more eyeballs. That didn't necessarily mean that they were the right kind of eyeballs. So it wasn't something I recommended for everyone do but we did crack the code, we did figure out how to do that and then Instagram changed their algorithm. It’s better now. It's way better now if you ask me because what you'll see when you click the explore page now are pictures and photos and videos posted that the Instagram algorithm has picked up and identified as things you would like. So we're seeing just a few posts that are "popular in your country". And then most of the other suggested or featured pictures and videos are of people who Instagram and said we know you're going to like this stuff pretty cool. Now how re they doing that? Well one of the main tools that they're using are hash tags that's why hash tags have now become more important than ever. And there's been some very important changes made that I need to update you based on when I first started talking about hash tags because now how I want you to use them to your advantage is very different from how I was teaching it in Instagram impact my online course.
I shouldn't say very different but there's some subtle differences that will make world of difference for you. So Instagram is looking at what photos you're liking and you might not be liking those photos because of a particular hash tag. It might just be say you've liked this photo from your friend Julie and you didn't even realize that below the photo she had listed the hash tag fitness warrior or she had listed the hash tag run dirty. And you didn't even realize that you just liked the photo and then when you go back to explore page you'll see all these other photos that are similar, similar content and what you might not realize is those photos have used the same hash tag, interesting.
That means that makes it even more important for you to use hash tags. The next metric that they're using is their taking a look at who you follow and what photos you're liking and looking at and then they're suggesting similar accounts based on a combination of things but basically the more you're interacting and liking and commenting on photos of a particular type that's what Instagram is going to show you when you click on the explore page.
So think about it, you want your stuff to show up in front of your target customer. Who is your target customer? What are they looking at? Who are they following? And what do they like? How we have figured this stuff out? By spending some time on Instagram looking at the people who are already following you. And then look at who they're following and look what hash tags they're using.
We're going to get back to hash tags in just a moment because in the last four or five days Instagram's instituted some new changes to the way you're able to use hash tags that's really critical for you to know and not have your account banned. But before we do that I want to go back to the changes that we're seeing that impact us those of us who were trying to build the brand and trying to be more efficient and effective when we're in social media. I can tell you that Instagram launched a business blog about three months ago and I keep tracking it like every couple of days to find out when they're actually going to give us these tools that they tease.
If you go to business.Instagram.com you'll find the Instagram blog and its there that they tease this new suite of tools that would soon be available to those of us who are using Instagram for business and branding. And it looked very much like the statistics that we get to see when we log in to our Facebook like page, you could see reach, you could see likes, you could see engagement and I was like "Oh my gosh I cannot wait for this.". Because as I've mentioned, many times in the past. I know my account grows faster when I post video to Instagram but my video's don't get as many likes, I believe that's because of human behavior. You know when you click on the video to watch it and then you watch it and you liked it mentally but you don't like it physically. You don't then go back to the video and then click the little heart button. So I do know that it serves more people when I create video but I don't see as many likes on those videos and so it's difficult to really decide and determine for myself with certainty what’s working for sure other than having to track it for months.
So I was really excited to see that these tools will soon going to be available to us. But I can tell you they're not yet available to us, we still have to wait and I don't suspect the wait is going to be very long because I've been watching the job posting boards on Instagram.
You probably think I'm crazy, right? But I think it's one of the easiest ways to tell where Instagram is placing their focus. And right now the majority of the postings relate us the kind of stuff that we were getting really excited bout. So I think that Instagram is about to build out huge in my mind I'm picturing them building out this huge wing of their operations and that's where all our people are going to be. So that soon we'll be able to advertise on Instagram with the same efficiency and effectiveness that were able to do on Facebook.
Wouldn't that be amazing? Because right now Facebook has this figured out and as you know Facebook owns Instagram. So I think they we'll soon see many of the same tools available in Instagram. Get excited bout that don't wait for it, get on Instagram now. Build your presence there, understand it. don't show up too late, don't be one of those people whose like I never created a Facebook like page, I don't understand advertising, I don't understand Facebook and everybody else is killing it. Don't be that person. Show up early, you don't have to figure out everything on Instagram but you should have a presence and you need to know the basics of what's working and what's not working. And I don't mean in any way she perform discredit those who call themselves Instagram experts, take a deep breath Chalene.
But there are so many people out there who call themselves Instagram experts who are selling programs and they're unfortunately passing around information that's just wasting your time, it's not working.
Anyone who tells yup to go on Instagram and share little slice of your life and show people what you're eating and show them what's going on behind the scenes has missed the point.
The point of Instagram is to reach new people and all new people don't really care what's going on behind the scenes because they don't even know you. So why do they care about what’s going on behind the scenes?
Instagram is just like any other format where we need to provide value, value so that the first time a stranger who has no flipping idea who I am when they click on my video or my photo they go "Wow! That was useful that was entertaining that was motivating that was educational I might just follow this person." Not wow this is really interesting I've always wondered what this strangers work space look like. That's not a value to somebody who doesn't know me.
You just have to remember, nothing else the one thing I want you to get out of this program about Instagram is you can't treat it like a photo album. You must treat it like an opportunity to give value to people who don't know you. It is not interesting for me to share behind the scenes or what I'm eating for lunch or what my dog looks like. It's not interesting to people who don't know me and beyond interesting I need to provide value even to those people who do know me. So always lead with value.
Okay, so now let's go back to hash tags. Should you use hash tags? Absolutely yes! A thousand percent and you might be saying "Chalene how come you're not using hash tags?", I am but not as often as I have in the past when I was trying to grow my account. Currently my account is over I think three hundred and fifty thousand followers and fans and I'm keeping a presence there but I'm also keeping my word to pull back from Instagram a little bit so I can do this podcasting.
It's really important that I speak to you authentically and as a leader and I believe that as a leader you have to tell people you can't do everything and I can't stay as involved in Instagram and also at the same time stay as involve in podcasting. I have to decide something has to come off my plate so we made a plan on paper and that meant that I would post once every two days on Instagram where in the past I was posting two to three times a day on Instagram. I also decided that I would post fewer times on Twitter and Pinterest and YouTube. And we set specifics so we knew exactly how many posts that meant.
Now I still have a presence in all of those areas but in order to devote as much focus as I want to podcasting and really have this be a success I have to pull back in some other area because if I don't, do you know who does take the breath of that extra workload? My family.
You will only have so many hours and so much attention and so much energy, so rather than putting all of these things on our plate and adding a new thing without taking something off. You've got to take something off your work plate because it doesn't make sense to take someone you love off of your plate to have less energy and less time for those things those people that really matter because you guys it's just a minutes, it's a rat race. You can’t do it all, you're not supposed to do it all.
So just make a decision that if you're going to look into Instagram and let’s just say that you theoretically would like to spend about thirty minutes a day really understanding Instagram. Well then where can you cut back thirty minutes of your wok time?
You can't pull things in to your "work closet" without donating a few of the pieces that are less important to you. You just have to make that a regular habit otherwise you'll start to feel like a maniac who's failing everywhere.
You know when you try to add all of these new things and learn all of these new systems and programs and platforms and techniques and you don't remove things. You just feel like a failure you don't feel like someone who knows everything you feel like someone who can't everything. And I don’t think I'm the first to share with you that you can't do everything so let's do more of what matters. Back to hash tags, yes you should be using hash tags on your photos. In fact here's what you can do, because Instagram is really showing older content that's what they're doing with their algorithms. They're trying to show us content that’s from four days ago, four weeks ago based on algorithms in the past that only showed the stuff that was really posted within the last couple of minutes or even within the last hour.
Now we're seeing post when we click on the explore page from people who may have posted that photo even four weeks ago. And Instagram is doing that because they want revive the platform they don't want this to be a Twitter where as soon as you post something its shelf life disappears after about thirty seconds.
They want the content that's valuable to show up to the people who it matters to. Having said that, guess what you can do? You can go back through every one of your old post that actually pertained to something you want your target audience to see and you can add specific hash tags to those older photos.
Now there's only a certain number of hash tags you can use under each photo and that changes regularly. And because the hash tag algorithm I suspect is going to change again and again, my recommendation is never post your hash tags in your uploading post. In other words, if I’m about to post a photo I might type a little description about it I might put a little call to action in it. And then I hit post. Once it's updated then I go back and under my own photo that's where I leave a comment with the hash tag I want to use.
Now the reason why I do that is because if I want to delete those hash tags and use another set of hash tags I can or if for some reason those hash tags were no longer relevant, I could go back and delete that comment. Whereas, if I were to delete the comment under my initial post that deletes the entire post and we don't want to do that. But keep this in mind especially those of you who have gone through my Instagram Impact Academy Training there's some things that are really valuable in those modules that I teach you on how to use hash tags? Which hash tags to use and which ones not to use? Because frankly the very popular hash tags are not the ones to use. You want to use hash tags that are much more specific to your target audience, for example the hash tag love.
If you use the hash tag love so has a hundred million other Instagram users in the last hour. So you get buried, you don't stand out.
You want to use hash tags that are very specific to your target audience. What specifically are they looking for so you can find them? It has been my recommendation that you on separate document maybe even on a note on your phone that you create a list of the hash tags that you see your target audience using. So that you don't have to kind of create them each time you post or try to remember them or even try to type them, you just already have them established in a separate list and you can select them by copying them and pasting them into a comment, really simple. And as a matter of fact, one of the things I taught in Instagram Impact was to let those twenty or so hash tags live in a comment for a day and then go back delete that comment and upload a new group of hash tags that again your target audience is using. So that you continue to have one post reach more and more people and every time you upload a new group of hash tags it repopulated your photo as being new to that hash tag. So in other words, let's say I posted a picture six months ago and today I go back and I delete my old hash tags and I added a new hash tag that said The Chalene Show. Well that photo from six months ago would now be one of the first things you would see if you were searching the hash tag Chalene Show.
So in other words, you have the ability to keep your content fresh by not posting your hash tags directly under your photo instead you want to post them in your first comment or twenty of comment, it doesn't matter where as long as it's not in your initial post, okay? Are we clear on that?
Next you have to understand and again this is for those of you who have gone to this practice of deleting a group of hash tags and then posting a new group that was something we could do forever. Now we're just starting to do the research on this because it came to our attention just this week but from my initial understanding Instagram wants you to post your hash tags once and they are allowing us to delete them and replace them one additional time after that if you try to do it three times people are getting a little notification like hey that is banned activity don't do it.
So that's an important notification for those of you who have found that that has really helped your accounts to grow fast. I'll tell you what, when I was in the practice of doing on a daily basis with every single post, wow my numbers exploded. It was like reaching all new people each time I uploaded a new group of hash tags. So now because we don't have the ability to delete and replaces and delete and replace I want you to pick the group of hah stags that have the most power and by that I mean they're very targeted.
Don't use the popular hash tags. Use the hash tags that are very specific to your target audience. And I have to mention Instagram’s new release of an app that they call Hyperlapse. Now there was so much buzz about this and I was reading about it on Mashable and all the different websites who kind of keep me up-to-date and abreast on changes on any social media platform and everybody was talking about this cool new Hyperlapse. And I'm like "Man I can't wait to see this, this is going to be so cool" and they kept talking about how this is going to be so ingenious for business and brand users and it came out and there were all these blogs about it on Instagram, I'm like are you kidding me? Just my opinion they missed the mark on that one.
All that is, is a video it's still a fifteen second video but it's played at hyper warp speed. Hello? Duh? We already knew you could do that on about fifteen thousand other apps but you know that's just part of their awkward teenage stage where they're just slow to realize what it is we really need and what it is we really want and they just has not caught on at all, God bless them and they just keep pushing it. And trying to get people excited about it but it's just not that cool. I mean it's all right but everyone's already been doing fast paced videos and they talk about this special technology that keeps things stable and they show you all these videos and like those aren't that stable.
Anyways, that's a big announcement that Instagram made but I just think it kind of fell flat. You can check those out though again by going to business.Instgram.com and they show you a couple of again major accounts that are using these. And ironically those major accounts that they feature are accounts that also do big time advertising on Instagram.
I just think that Instagram soon will make advertising available for all of us. There are much more effective ways to reach a better targeted customer than advertising to everybody. You know one of the things that I openly admit is that every time I got on the popular page back when there was a popular page and my stuff was being seen by hundreds of thousands of Instagram users each time that happened my account would go up like four five thousand new followers and then two or three days later I was losing three thousand of those followers because my content wasn't specifically what they were looking for. So I would much rather build my account slower with people who are specifically looking for the type of value that I provide.
Now I did not create this program and Build Your Tribe to promote Instagram Impact, my academy that teaches people how to use Instagram. I swear some not even going to tell you how to find it; I'm going to tell you how to get some free stuff. You ready? Go to Instagram, Instagram.com/InstagramImpact and I've created what I call a feature account on Instagram and every single day I share with followers my best tips on how to Instagram the right way.
Every single day you'll get new tips. And I do that specifically to attract people who are using Instagram for their business because there's a lot of unfortunately false information out there that's going to make the process of growing your Instagram account too slow. It doesn't monetize a lot of stuff that people are teaching. I want to help you have more time to spend with your family and get off of our devices. So please follow that account just for free tips every single day and then what I want to do is make this really simple for you and short cut the process of having to learn as much as you need to know about Instagram and boil it down into these simple most basic steps. So I'm going to provide those for you in my show notes, you can go to ChaleneJohnson.com/podcast and when you look for the Instagram episode there include links to all of the other interviews I've done with other podcasters about Instagram.
I'll share with you my report on the top tips as well as the account's setting reference to where you can get daily updates on what's happening on Instagram so that you don't have to spend a year and a half studying it like I did.
You can learn from the experts and know what really works. I hope that you'll take a second look at Instagram, oh and hey this will be kind of cool. Jump on Instagram and go to my last photo and just leave the hash tag #buildyourtribe, that way I'll know you heard this message on today's show and I’ll be able to find you very quickly.
Thank you so much for spending this time with me I really – I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate it. I tried to start my day off by thinking of things I'm grateful for and one of the things I say every day that I'm grateful for our people who just do kind things without expectation of a return or even that someone's going to notice.
I feel blessed that there are kind people who do nice things in this world. And I don't like mean people I delete them. I delete them from my Facebook page. I delete them from my Instagram because I want people like you in my life, all right? So until we get to spend some more time together. I just want you to know you are the bomb.com and hey why do we have to wait to spend more time together, why don't you download some of my other episodes. I got more things to talk about, that's what’s up son.
Listen, Chalene felt kind of weird about begging you to go to her iTunes to give her a five star rating and leave her a review. So you know what she did? She paid me to ask you for her. Seriously though, if you're enjoying the show, and want to put a smile on our face in a bouncer step, get yourself a dose of good karma by stopping by the iTunes store. Oh yeah and be sure to tell her Jeffrey sent you.
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