Harts Pass, Okanogan and Whatcom Counties, wa

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Harts Pass, Okanogan and Whatcom Counties, WA.

List covers plants found along and near the Pacific Crest Trail from the trailhead near Meadows Campground south to Grasshopper Pass, and along the ridge north of Grasshopper Pass for about one and one-half miles. WNPS Backpacking trip, July 1998, list by Jim Riley. 149 spp.

These lists represent the work of different WNPS members over the years.

Their accuracy has not been verified by the Washington Native Plant Society.

We offer these lists to individuals as a tool to enhance the enjoyment and study of native plants.

Vascular Plant List

Harts Pass

* - Introduced

Scientific Name Common Name Family Name
Abies lasiocarpa Sub-alpine fir Pinaceae

Achillea millifolium Yarrow Asteraceae

Agoseris aurantiaca Orange agoseris Asteraceae

Agoseris glauca Mountain agoseris Asteraceae

Anaphalis margaritacea Pearly everlasting Asteraceae

Anemone drummondii Drummond's anemone Ranunculaceae

Anemone occidentalis Mountain pasqueflower Ranunculaceae

Antennaria alpina Alpine pussy-toes Asteraceae

Antennaria lanata Woolly pussy-toes Asteraceae

Antennaria microphylla Rosy pussy-toes Asteraceae

Antennaria racemosa Raceme pussy-toes Asteraceae

Aquilegia formosa Red columbine Ranunculaceae

Arabis lyallii Lyall's rockcress Brassicaceae

Arctostaphylos nevadensis Kinnikinnik Ericaceae

Arenaria capillaris Thread-leaved sandwort Caryophyllaceae

Arenaria nuttallii Nuttall's sandwort Caryophyllaceae

Arenaria obtusiloba Arctic sandwort Caryophyllaceae

Arnica cordifolia Heart-leaf arnica Asteraceae

Arnica latifolia Mountain arnica Asteraceae

Arnica parryi Nodding arnica Asteraceae

Arnica rydbergii Rydberg's arnica Asteraceae

Artemesia michauxiana Michaux mugwort Asteraceae

Aster engelmanii Engelman's aster Asteraceae

Athyrium distentifolium Alpine lady fern Polypodiaceae

Caltha leptosepala Elkslip Ranunculaceae

Carex sp. Sedge Cyperaceae

Cassiope mertensiana White mountain heather Ericaceae

Castilleja miniata Scarlet paintbrush Scrophulariaceae

Castilleja parviflora albida Small-flowered paintbrush Scrophulariaceae

Cerastium berringianum Alpine chickweed Caryophyllaceae

Cirsium edule Horse thistle Asteraceae

Claytonia lanceolata Western spring beauty Portulacaceae

Cryptogramma crispa Parsley fern Polypodiaceae

Cystopteris fragilis Fragile fern Polypodiaceae

Delphinium nuttallianum Upland larkspur Ranunculaceae

Dodecatheon pulchellum Few-flowered shooting star Primulaceae

Draba paysonii Payson's draba Brassicaceae

Draba stenoloba Slender draba Brassicaceae

Dryas octopetala White dryas Rosaceae

Elmera racemosa Elmera Saxifragaceae

Epilobium alpinum Alpine willow-herb Onagraceae

Epilobium angustifolium Fireweed Onagraceae

Epilobium latifolium Dwarf fireweed Onagraceae

Erigeron aureus Golden fleabane Asteraceae

Erigeron compositus Cut-leaved daisy Asteraceae

Erigeron peregrinus Subalpine daisy Asteraceae

Eriogonum pyrolifolium Alpine buckwheat Polygonaceae

Eriogonum umbellatum Sulfur buckwheat Polygonaceae

Erythronium grandiflorum Glacier lily Liliaceae

Festuca viridula Green fescue Poaceae

Fragaria virginiana Woods strawberry Rosaceae

Gaultheria humifusa Alpine wintergreen Ericaceae

Hackelia micrantha Blue stickseed Boraginaceae

Haplopappus lyallii Lyall's goldenweed Asteraceae

Heuchera cylindrica Lava alumroot Saxifragaceae

Hieracium gracile Slender hawkweed Asteraceae

Hydrophyllum capitatum Woolly breeches Hydrophyllaceae

Juncus sp. Rush Juncaceae

Juniperus communis Mountain juniper Cupressaceae

Kalmia microphylla Alpine laurel Ericaceae

Larix lyallii Subalpine larch Pinaceae

Leptarrhena pyrolifolia Leatherleaf saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Lewisia columbiana Columbia lewisia Portulacaceae

Ligusticum canbyi Canby's lovage Apiaceae

Lomatium brandegei Brandegee's lomatium Apiaceae

Lomatium gormanii Gorman's desert-parsley Apiaceae

Luetkea pectinata Partridge foot Rosaceae

Lupinus latifolius Broad-leaf lupine Fabaceae

Luzula hitchcockii Smooth woodrush Juncaceae

Lycopodium sitchense Alaska clubmoss Lycopodiaceae

Microseris nutans Nodding microseris Asteraceae

Microsteris gracilis Pink microsteris Polemoniaceae

Mitella breweri Brewer's miterwort Saxifragaceae

Mitella pentandra Alpine miterwort Saxifragaceae

Mitella trifida Three-tooth miterwort Saxifragaceae

Montia parvifolia Streambank spring beauty Portulacaceae

Osmorhiza occidentalis Western sweet-cicely Apiaceae

Oxyria digyna Mountain sorrel Polygonaceae

Pachistima myrsinites Mountain box Celastraceae

Parnassia fimbriata Fringed grass-of-parnassus Saxifragaceae

Pedicularis bracteosa Bracted lousewort Scrophulariaceae

Pedicularis groenlandica Elephant's head Scrophulariaceae

Pedicularis racemosa Sickletop lousewort Scrophulariaceae

Pellaea breweri Brewer's cliff-brake Polypodiaceae

Penstemon davidsonii Davidson's penstemon Scrophulariaceae

Penstemon eriantherus Fuzzy beardtongue Scrophulariaceae

Penstemon procerus Small-flowered penstemon Scrophulariaceae

Phacelia hastata White-leaf phacelia Hydrophyllaceae

Phacelia sericea Silky phacelia Hydrophyllaceae

Phleum alpinum Alpine timothy Poaceae

Phlox diffusa Spreading phlox Polemoniaceae

Phyllodoce empetriformis Red mountain heather Ericaceae

Phyllodoce glanduliflora Yellow heather Ericaceae

Phyllodoce intermedia Hybrid mountain heather Ericaceae

Picea engalmannii Engelmann spruce Pinaceae

Pinus albicaulis White-bark pine Pinaceae

Polemonium elegans Elegant polemonium Polemoniaceae

Polemonium viscosum Skunk polemonium Polemoniaceae

Polystichum lonchitis Holly fern Polypodiaceae

Potentilla flabellifolia Fan-leaf cinquefoil Rosaceae

Potentilla fruticosa Shrubby cinquefoil Rosaceae

Potentilla glandulosa Sticky cinquefoil Rosaceae

Potentilla nivea Snow cinquefoil Rosaceae

Ranunculus eschscholtzii Snow buttercup Ranunculaceae

Ranunculus sp. Buttercup Ranunculaceae

Rhododendron albiflorum White rhododendron Ericaceae

Ribes howellii Maple-leaf currant Grossulariaceae

Ribes viscosissimum Sticky currant Grossulariaceae

Romanzoffia sitchensis Sitka mistmaiden Hydrophyllaceae

Rubus lasiococcus Dwarf bramble Rosaceae

Sagina saginoides Alpine pearlwort Caryophyllaceae

Salix arctica Arctic willow Salicaceae

Salix sitchensis Sitka willow Salicaceae

Saxifraga arguta Brook saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga bronchialis Spotted saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga caespitosa Tufted saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga ferruginea Rusty saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga mertensiana Merten's saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga occidentalis Western saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga tolmiei Alpine saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Sedum divergens Spreading stonecrop Crassulaceae

Sedum lanceolatum Lance-leaved stonecrop Crassulaceae

Senecio elmeri Elmer's butterweed Asteraceae

Senecio integerrimus Western groundsel Asteraceae

Senecio triangularis Arrowleaf groundsel Asteraceae

Sibbaldia procumbens Creeping sibbaldia Rosaceae

Silene acaulis Moss campion Caryophyllaceae

Silene parryi Parry's silene Caryophyllaceae

Sitanion hystrix Squirreltail Poaceae

Sorbus scopulina Cascade mountain-ash Rosaceae

Sorbus sitchensis Sitka mountain-ash Rosaceae

Spraguea umbellata Pussypaws Portulacaceae

Stellaria longipes Long-stalked starwort Caryophyllaceae

Stenanthium occidentale Bronze bells Liliaceae

Suksdorfia ranunculifolia Buttercup-leaf suksdorfia Saxifragaceae

Taraxacum officinale* Dandelion Asteraceae

Thalictrum occidentale Western meadowrue Ranunculaceae

Tofieldia glutinosa Bog lily Liliaceae

Trollius laxus Globeflower Ranunculaceae

Vaccinium deliciosum Cascade huckleberry Ericaceae

Vaccinium membranaceum Mountain huckleberry Ericaceae

Vaccinium scoparium Grouseberry Ericaceae

Valeriana sitchensis Sitka valerian Valerianaceae

Veratrum viride Green false hellebore Liliaceae

Veronica cusickii Cusick's speedwell Scrophulariaceae

Veronica wormskjoldii Alpine speedwell Scrophulariaceae

Viola adunca Early blue violet Violaceae

Viola glabella Stream violet Violaceae

Viola purpurea Goosefoot violet Violaceae

Woodsia scopulina Rocky Mtn. woodsia Polypodiaceae

Harts Pass, Whatcom & Yakima Counties, Washington

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