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“Hand Creations Team
Brandon Mosst

Lelass Sarakbi

CD Lampshade

Light It Up!

We propose that people use their throw-away compact discs in resourceful ways. One can’t help but notice the reflections beaming from shiny side of a CD or DVD under light. Sources of light are everywhere, from the sun to your bench-top light bulbs. When white light hits the grooved material surface, spectacular rays of elemental colors are reflected. So, why not use these random rays to entertain your house guests, or light up the dance floor?
Our prototype lampshade was constructed using painters’ tape and a CD spindle for support. It is taking upon the conical shape of a typical lampshade supported by the center spindle. However, due to (1) the requirement of this shade fitting your existing base, (2) the relatively light weight of the compact disc, and (3) freedom of choice in size, shape, etc, there are potentially numerous applications for such a creation.

Though we choose a simple way to do so and that is by taping the CDs in conical shape as the prototype below illustrates.

Here you can see what our final design looks like is.

This thing we have is similar to disco ball yet it is with negligible price. Moreover, different sizes of CDs can be used to obtain different balls size. You can benefit from it in your picnic yard, in your room near your bed, so as in a local disco .A combination of several CDs would apparently have a great light effect. The shape is not standard, you can design whatever shape you want. As long as there is light.

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