Hair Color – Brown Eye Color – Brown Ht. 5’10 Wt. – 180 lbs special skills

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Jesse Pimpinella


Hair Color – Brown Eye Color – Brown Ht. - 5’10 Wt. – 180 lbs
SPECIAL SKILLS: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Rapping, Stage Combat, Basic Guitar, and Swimming,
Professional Experience:
42nd Street Mac/Gangster Allenberry Playhouse (Non-Equity)
Regional Stage Experience:

Daniel - An Oridinary Tragedy Jay LIU-CW Post

Les Miserable Enjolras Cultural Arts Playhouse

Hair Berger Cultural Arts Playhouse

Hairspray Corney Collins Cultural Arts Playhouse

Spring Awakening Melchior Cultural Arts Playhouse

Little Shop of Horrors Voice of God/Skip Snip Kidz Theater (NYC)

Rent Angel Cultural Arts Playhouse

Pippin Pippin Cultural Arts Playhouse

Footloose Ren Cultural Arts Playhouse

13 The Musical Evan Cultural Arts Playhouse

13 the Musical Brett Airport Playhouse

Jack and the Bean Stalk Jack CM Performing Arts
College Experience:
GROUPS: Testostetones (Male Accapella) & Fermata NoWhere (Accapella)

The Tempest Sebastian Wagner College – Stage One

Damn Yankees Joe Hardy Wagner College – Main Stage

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Freddy Benson Wagner College - CSP

The Drowsey Chaprone Ensemble Wagner College - Main Stage

The Wild Party Eddie Wagner College - SRMT

Cabaret Ernst Ludwig Wagner College -SRMT

Spring Awakening Robert Wagner College - Stage One

A Normal Heart Mickey Wagner College-SRMT
High School Experience:
Legally Blonde Warner Deer Park High School

Almost Maine Randy Deer Park High School

Wedding Singer Sammy Deer Park High School

Once Upon a Mattress Jester Deer Park High School

Twelve Angry Jurors Juror #10 Deer Park High School

Hamlet Hamlet NYC Shakespeare Festival

Julius Caesar Marc Anthony NYC Shakespeare Festival

Macbeth Banquo NYC Shakespeare Festival

Romeo Romeo & Juliet NYC Shakespeare Festival
Film Experience:
Balzac of my Antoine Tommy Hofstra University
SPECIAL TRAINING: Long Island High School of the Arts, CAP Class, Kidz Theater Master Class, Broadway Artists Alliance & Wagner College (Theater Major)

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