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I ordered kits for shorts one year from Pineapple Appeal.  They were okay, but the students didn't like the choices in fabrics.  When I ordered them you could only choose from like 5 different fabrics and they were all plaid flannel.  Most of the kids didn't care what fabric they got because they said they hated all of the choices and wouldn't wear them anyway!  So, even though they are more expensive, I went back to Haan when I used to order short kits because they have a ton of fabric choices.  I order gym bag kits every year for my clothing 1 class and I have been happy with them.  I haven't tried Pineapple Appeal for the gym bags,  because again they are really limited on fabric choices.  I have been happy with Haan, but I sure wish they would quit raising their prices every year!  Hope this helps a little.


Lara Burton

Kaysville Junior High

I have used Haan's and have been happy with that. I have also wondered about that Pineapple company, let me know what you hear back.

Thanks Sheila

I have only tried the hoodies from Haan and I love them and so do the students. 

Heather Smith
FACS- Orion Jr. High

I have taught Jr. High for about 13 years and have always

used the Haan Craft kits. They are great. The

instructions are written well so the students can follow

them easily. I really like them and the kids love them.

The quality of fabric etc. is good too. Bonny Groneman-

Mapleton Jr. High

I love Pineapple appeal and they are very good to work with.  I have actually ordered a few of the kits they don't feature in their flyer anymore--like black round end gym bags for $6.99. They have recut them for me, however, I usually order quite a few to make it worth it for them. I use them in Sp Sewing 2. Yes, they are less expensive

Heidi Weight

Timpanogos High School

I have not tried the Pineapple Appeal Kits.  I have had great success with Haan and the students love their sweatshirts.

Ann Sorenson

Brockbank Junior High

I have used pineapple appeal for pants and they have been just as good as Haan Craft. I think they are easier because they are a one piece pattern.

Janet Eggers
Bountiful Jr. High

I have used the Pineapple kits for Clothing 1, for the beginners. We make a hoodie. The fabric is good, not the highest quality, but you can buy the kits and everyone has the same pattern so I can pass them off faster and it works quite well. I haven't used the Haan Craft kits so I don't know about those.. Also with Pineapple, I can call them and  make the order and they will send them right out and then bill me. It is quite nice not to have to go through the po.

 Emalee Meyer

Bear River High

I have used Haan Crafts for 12 years.  We make boxer shorts and tote bags. 

 Jennifer Brannon

I use both and like both. They both stand behind their product and will replace any errors or problems. I live in a rural area and there is one fabric store. It is actually a quilt speciality store and the fabric can get a little expensive for beginning sewers. The mail order companies work well for me. They are pretty equal in quality, service, biggest difference is Haan has a bigger selection.
Pineapple appeal:

gym bags: fabric is a heavy cotton twill - webbing comes in only black or white

Sweatshirts: poly cotton blend good quality-have a slight shine to them
Haan Crafts:

bags-200 denier and 400 denier polyurethane coated nylon fabric. Also have some cotton twill fabrics. Many different color choices on the webbing.

sweatshirts: poly cotton blends - usually a bigger selection, but not necessarily better quality.
I did HAAN pj pants and loved them, and Pineapple Appeal Sweatshirts and liked them OK. The fleece was just too thick and bulky for the students to work with well. They turned out OK.

I use the Pineapple sweatshirt kits and I really like them.

Crystal Baker

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