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Suggestions for improving these guidelines and the procedures used in scheduling ITV classes are welcomed. Please send them to: Michelle Estelle, Distance Education Coordinator, Regional Campuses, Perkins 202, or call 2-2003.
1. General

One of the main purposes of the ITV technology (delivered through the statewide KTLN system) is to allow more classes to be offered at the Regional Campus locations. Because students on the Richmond campus have better access to classes than students at the off-campus locations, it is recommended that course caps for the EKU ITV rooms on the main campus be kept low so that more spaces will be available at the Regional Campuses.

NOTE: There are exceptions to this. For example, students travel from various locations in the state to take classes that are scheduled on campus, if the ITV class on campus is the only one available for them to take, the cap may need to be higher.
We also encourage you to develop 1-2 year plans for offering classes over ITV. It will be helpful in the scheduling process to include a copy of the course-scheduling plan along with the completed ITV request form.
In addition, EKU and other institutions in the state can exchange classes if appropriate prior planning is done.
2. Scheduling Considerations

Several factors will affect the priority of scheduling of ITV classes:

  • The course is a part of a legislatively mandated degree program.

  • The course has an anticipated high enrollment at each site.

  • The course is part of a degree program offered off-campus.

  • The course is part of a pathway to an online program.

  • The course is offered to another institution as part of a cooperative agreement with that institution.

  • A course is in great demand at the Regional Campuses (or other locations) and needs to be offered each term.

  • An instructor is teaching an ITV course for the first time.

NOTE: Instructors may receive released time either before or during the term they teach their first interactive TV

course. Chairs should indicate if an instructor is receiving released time on the ITV Request Form.

  • Duplication (i.e., is a course being offered at a Regional Campus both by ITV and the traditional method during the same semester? Is the anticipated enrollment adequate to justify offering both sections?).

  • Day/time the ITV course is requested.

Chairs should indicate on the request form why a course should be offered over ITV. This will assist in the selection process.

3. Courses Offered to Non-Regional Campus ITV Sites

The “receiving” sites for the ITV classes can be located at each of the Regional Campus locations, and at certain high schools, community colleges, or other locations in our service region that have ITV equipment.
In order to offer a course to any non-campus site, permission must be obtained through this office in order to use the non-campus site’s ITV room. At present, there is no courier service to non-campus sites. Mail, e-mail, and fax are the only ways to send materials to and from these locations. Regional Campuses will provide each instructor who has a non-center site with mailing address information.
Chairs should indicate on the request form where they would like the classes to be offered so that appropriate permission to use the ITV rooms can be obtained. If a Regional site is already reserved, Regional Campuses will try to locate an alternate, nearby ITV site.
5. Enrollment Caps

Each course will be assigned a control CRN number that will allow the total enrollment for all sections to be capped. Each individual section must be assigned a cap on enrollment. This cap will need to be monitored and adjusted if there is great demand for the course in one location, but very little in others. Room sizes of EKU’s ITV rooms are as follows:

Location Room # Seating Capacity

Library 110(ITV#1) 30

University Bldg. 137(ITV#3) 20

University Bldg. 139(ITV#2) 20

University Bldg. 135(non-centers) 16

Perkins 222(ITV # 4) 18

B & T 062 30

Corbin ITV 1 24

Corbin ITV 2 20

Corbin ITV 3 19

Corbin ITV 4 16

Corbin ITV 5 20

Corbin ITV 6(mobile) 10

Danville ITV 1 28

Danville ITV 2 24

Danville ITV 3 12

Danville ITV 4 12

Danville ITV 5 12

Danville ITV 6(mobile) 12

Manchester ITV 1 24

Manchester ITV 2 24

Manchester ITV 3 12

Manchester ITV 4 12

Manchester ITV 5 12

Manchester ITV 6(mobile) 18

Hazard Community College JCC 100 20

Hazard Community College Conference Rm. 11

Hazard Community College JCC 106 17

Hazard Community College JCC 231A 20

Hazard Community College Classroom (MP) 42

Somerset ITV 1 24

Somerset ITV 2 15

Somerset ITV 3 15

Somerset ITV 4(coming Fall 2011) 8

Somerset ITV 5 3 BCTC Leestown Rd M115 12

Total 632

6. Instructor Teaching Loads for ITV Classes

Chairs and Deans should consider teaching loads and class sizes for ITV classes the same way as for traditional classes. For example, if a traditional class is normally capped at 30, the same class taught via ITV should have the same cap.

Chairs can designate an additional teaching load if enrollment in an ITV class warrants it. For example, if a faculty member normally receives 25% of his/her teaching load for teaching a 3-hour course with 30 students, a 50% load can be assigned for teaching the same class with 60 students enrolled.
7. Class Size

ITV classes must meet the same enrollment goals as traditional classes. Normally, an individual site must have a minimum of three students enrolled in order to prevent cancellation. This number is needed in order to recover expenses such as hiring a site facilitator to monitor the class.

8. Scheduling Pattern

The Banner class meeting times for ITV classes are indicated on the enclosed ITV Schedule Request form. Please try to conform to the regular pattern. Classes can also be scheduled on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

  1. Required Meeting Time

In scheduling ITV classes, department chairs should make sure that the required number of contact hours are met (see attached Recommended Course Weekly Meeting Times).

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