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Sat Nav Post Code: LS25 2HG
Parking: Unfortunately parking is limited but if you follow these guidelines you will have no issues:
Please only park on the road side nearest the field.
Do not park on the opposite side of the road – Lorries use the road 7 days a week. If you do then it is likely you will get a parking ticket and if the lorries cannot get through the police will be called.
Do not part at the top of the road across the gate, only park after it. If you park across the gate or towards the main road be aware that there is a parking enforcement rule in force and although poorly signposted if you park there it is likely you will get a ticket.
Do not park in the business estate opposite Ash Lane (on the left as you go down Ash Lane). This is privately owned and you may get clamped – this is clearly signposted.
Ash Lane itself is fairly long, if you park on the right as you go down it you should have no problems (not across or opposite entrances) but bear in mind that parking on the corner at the bottom may cause issues.
If Ash Lane is busy, then parking considerately directly opposite Ash Lane on Sturton Lane should not cause issues, likewise there is parking at the chip shop opposite and the sandwich shop – neither of which will have any issues if they are closed. We do not recommend that you park on the main road.
Toilets: None on site yet but Tesco’s is just three hundred yards away towards the centre of Garforth.
Litter: Please take all your litter home with you
We hope you enjoy the visit – apologies for the long list of do’s and don’ts – we need to ensure that local businesses can continue to function 7 days a week and we really don’t want you to get an unwelcome parking ticket!


Andrew Gill

17 Sturton Avenue


Leeds, LS25 2EY

Tel: 07784 631663


Lindsay Ingle

15 Caernarvon Avenue


Leeds, LS25 2LQ

Tel: 0113 287 0745


Peter Crebbin

53 New Sturton Lane


Leeds, LS25 2NW

Tel: 07949 455757
Garforth Rangers Association Football Club Limited. A company registered in England and Wales with Company number 8609401. Registered office: 53 New Sturton Lane, Garforth, Leeds.  LS25 2NW

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