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NME Case Study –

NME is a British weekly music magazine. Featuring agenda-setting news, the UK's most comprehensive gig guide, definitive reviews of the week's hottest gigs, tracks and albums, and fiery comment from the nation's most opinionated writers, it's the essential guide to the week in music.

The New Musical Express (better known as the NME) is a popular music magazine in the United Kingdom which has been published weekly since March 1952. It was the first British paper to include a singles chart, which first appeared in the 14 November 1952 edition. The magazine's commercial heyday was during the 1970s when it became the best-selling British music magazine. During the period 1972 to 1976 it was particularly associated with gonzo journalism, and then became closely associated with punk rock through the writing of Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill.

NME, is distributed in a variety of different methods, one of these methods include subscription only. NME believe that this method can save the buyer money, and is a very efficient way of keeping up to date with music, as the buyer never misses an issue.

I have also carried out some more research into how NME is advertised and promoted to its audience, one of these methods is the Facebook group. I have provided a link to this webpage. By using the internet this means that NME magazine also uses the paper magazines linked to and promoted on websites method. By the magazine using the Facebook website, it is quickly seen and shared on to friends by the people who use it, meaning that advertisement is quick and effective. As this website is internationally used it means that it is seen by millions of people, which ultimately makes the awareness of the magazine gigantic. Also, the majority of its users are of the younger audience, this benefits NME as its primary audience is of younger people, this means that the magazine can promote its magazine efficiently and effectively.

I have also found some more research about a Campaign that NME is currently promoting, I have provided a web link to the page.

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