Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America

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Ornithology (BIOL 4142)

Spring 2010

Textbook: No textbook required for lecture. For lab, you will need Roger Tory Peterson’s “A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America,” which is available in most bookstores for 15-20$; Amazon has new copies for ca. $13 and used ones for $3 to $7.

Lecture Schedule

Lab/Field Trip Schedule

Field Notes bonus exercise (for Spring Break)

Link to x-ray cinematography of singing bird

Link to schematic animation of bird syrinx during singing



Lab Final

Lab Final ID tips from Brian O'Shea

Radar Ornithology

Final Exam




University Lake census Bonus Project (6-7 Feb.)

Archaeopteryx powerpoints

Geological Time Scale ppt

Enanthiornithine Skeleton ppt

Breeding Bird Survey bonus exercise

Christmas Bird Count data bonus exercise

Bird Literature bonus exercise

• air-flow in bird lungs (a) and (b)

Continental Drift -- make a map

Continental Drift - animated

Faunal Regions/Realms

Midterm (copy of 2004 version)

Dr. Derryberry’s Lecture on Vocalizations (pdf)



Blue Manakin

Wire-tailed Manakin

Birds of Paradise

Greater Sage-Grouse

Feeding behavior:

• kingfisher videos (a) and (b) to illustrate dagger-shaped fish-eating bill in action.

• Rynchopidae: feeding behavior

• Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch (Geospiza difficilis) (blood-drinking)

World’s great birds:

Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex; Balenicepitidae, a monotypic family)

Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin; Opisthocomiformes, a monotypic order)

Horned Guan (Oreophasis derbianus; a monotypic genus in the Cracidae)

Satyr Tragopan (Phasianidae)

Kakapo (Strigops habroptila; Psittacidae) – a flightless, terrestrial, partly nocturnal parrot of New Zealand. And an example of loss of antipredator instincts in island birds.

Palm Cockatoo (using stick as drumstick)

Great vocalists:

Superb Lyrebird (Menuridae)


Kauai Oo (Moho braccatus; Hawaii)


Useful Links

Louisiana Nest Record Card Program

Louisiana Bird Resource Center

LOS (Louisiana Ornithological Society)

BIRDNET (Ornithological Council -- lots of useful info)

OSNA (Ornithological Societies of North America newsletter)

JOBS (job board == summer etc. jobs in bird biology)

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