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Памер38.83 Kb.  How and when you have join to GSC Game World? With how projects do you worked ?

Илья Толмачев: Once, in 2004, when I already finished learning at the Kyiv Art Academy, someone of my classmates told me that, my picture remind to him the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R

I said that I m don t know about this game, as answer he advice me join to developers.When I came home, in the browser line I has typed several words they are stalker the game, at first site it was video review of the game. In this video. I have looked through this video and then I think that it was something new and very serious I want work with them. Since that moment I m solved that I shall work in GSC Game World and shall be do graphic for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Then I has send some of me works to GSC. Next day I have already worked in GSC, but unfortunately not with stalker several month I hard worked for the «Heroes of the Destroyed Empires ». I have drawn different character in the fantasy world and sometimes convines Sergey Grygorovytch complete me to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Its impossible to concentrate at the drawing of goblings and elfs when on the monitors of the neighbour room there are flash photorealistic landscapes of the zone.In that time projeckt S.T.A.L.K.E.R «Shadow of Chernobyl» has been almost ready, there is not possibility to participate. But soon it was started designing of the prequel whose name was «Clear Sky», and Сергей has offered to me participate in this project. How and were did you worked before your came to the company?

Илья Толмачев: I had several years worked in advertisment, before my came to GSC. I’m had be engaged polygraphy veb-design and done firm styles logo design of packing etc. I had drawn much from hand. It had interesting to do though of course not so as make the games. What it mean to be the art-director ?

Илья Толмачев: Art director is man that make the project integrity and Harmoniously. Besids in my duty join:

- Designing of locations

- Control designing of models.

- Filling locations of the objects

- Control designing of interface

-Control designing marketing’s How goes a work day in GSC?

Илья Толмачев: Usually in the morning we arrange the meeting. Then we are disperse on workplaces and work. My day as a rule started with coffee, checked mail and drawing up my own work plan of a day. When I has made those plan I begin to draw something. Then I started to run on the office with different sketches on piece of paper and with a pen in the teeth. Give some instructions to other workers. Discuss something with game designers. Correct some texture. If in the end of the day most of point in my plan are cross out, then i fell please. Tell to us about those beautiful movies from Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky and why it wasn’t in Call of Pripiat?

Илья Толмачев: Scenario and storyboard of the movies for Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky were prepared by GSC team then movies was made by Australian animation studio Plastic Wax, specialize by making movies to games. In Call of Pripiat there is not very big budget, besides we have some claims to the quality of the movies that «Plastic Wax» has done for Clear Sky. That is why movies for Call of Pripiat we have solved make our own forces, styles it in the manner of documental reporting. How organize trip GSC team to zone? What allows you visit the most interesting places in the zone? Не страшно вам?

Илья Толмачев: Command GSC is on friendly terms for a long time with Alexander Novikovym, the assistant to the technical director of the Chernobyl NPP on safety. (By the way, from it the image of mechanic Novikova from Clear sky and «Call of Pripyat») also "was molded". It always helps us with the organization of trips to the Zone and regularly supplies with new photographic materials from its most remote corners. Perhaps, good relations with Novikov and administration CHAES is and there is our admission in the places closed for tourists. In the Zone there it is not much more radiation, than in Kiev. Our stay in the Zone on the harm is comparable with viewing of the TV within 10 hours.  How often GSC team does visits the Zone for material gathering?

Илья Толмачев: Differently. For example for creation Shadow of Chernobyl more than three trips. For «Call of Pripyat» - one, and for Clear sky we didn't suit any trip. Did you were in Zone? Your impressions?

Илья Толмачев: Yes, I was in the Zone once. I have already described this trip is there was a mad bustle with the camera across Pripyat. I haven't time to make impression about the Zone - there was no time. I had remembered unusually pure air, silence and an unopened bottle of the Soviet kefir in one of hostel rooms (in game we can come into a building of this hostel and arrange an ambush against mercenaries). Why the prototype of the city of Limansk from CS was is taken from old area in Kiev? Where there be this area? Whether it is possible to visit now? It were going to take down …

Илья Толмачев: In the beginning of project "Clear sky" it was a problem: to develop design of the certain city location provided in scenario. I needed to find an image of such city which would harmoniously be entered in the Zone and thus would differ from Pripyat. Limansk should become alternative of Pripyat. I have chosen as a prototype of Limanska old area in Kiev near underground "Chernigov".The district from which Limansk is copied, is taken already down. With what creation of game the Stalker begins? How there passes working out?

Илья Толмачев: At the big round table the group of developers gathers and once again tries to collect this puzzle: how to please fans + to embody new ideas + to keep within technical frameworks + to have time + to let out in terms all without bugs. Working out of game also represents process of the decision of such puzzle.  Tell please more about the schedule in games the Stalker.

Илья Толмачев: To know that is understood here as " texture " … - would tell with pleasure. And in general, I like a texture in one location which has been cut out from «the Shadow of Chernobyl». It was called «the Dead City» - there were such smart destroyed panel houses! Here, it is valid - beautiful.  В играх серии Сталкер много персонажей с «настоящими» лицами. Как происходит «перенос» лица человека в игру? Кто в реальности, те лица персонажей? ( Сидорович, Сахаров, Бармен, Доктор Шрам, Лебедев, Холод Борода, Дегтярев, Зулус и др . С кого «рисовался» Стрелок (Меченый)? Он чем- то отдаленно похож на С. Григоровича.

Илья Толмачев: To reproduce the face of the person in game, it is necessary for us seven photos from seven different foreshortenings. I For such shooting we use telephoto lenses with repeated increase, and we remove from the big distance. On photos we shall build model of the person with special topology of a grid for work in the program 3D-skulptinga and we make the detailed model of the person on the basis of this grid. After that on the received model we project those photos, we sketch seams on joints of projections and we receive a photorealistic structure.

«Cold, the barman from the Clear Sky and Vano from Call of Pripyat were created on appearance of the same person – our animator Evgenie. The cold has been reproduced practically «one in one» with the original, and it was necessary to "search" for an image of good-natured Vano, changing original features»

Saharow, the Barman, the Doctor, and also Arrows – invented characters – at them aren't present a prototype in a reality. As the Scar prototype the film actor Alexander Kajdanovsky. Lebedev became from the security guard of office GSC. The cold has borrowed appearance at our animator Evgenie. The Beard prototype is an active participant strikeball games S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Father Valerian. Зулус is made from the admirer and too strikeball player by nickname Tur. Alexander Degtyaryov is copied from appearance of my companion Alexander Poshtaruka.

«Kardan and Degtyaryov. In real life prototype of Kardan - Konstantin Stupivtsev - very cheerful and absolutely teetotal person, the author of registration of the user interface of Call of Pripyat,and still a heap of beautiful things


«Professor Ozerskiy and Kardan» Whence images of monsters : the Chimera, the Break, Bjurer, the Controller; whether truth that Snork – a child of game fans.

Илья Толмачев: The majority images of monsters was created by the artist Lukash.

Snork, really, is created by the fan of game, more precisely, fan girl by name

Sveta. Its surname, unfortunately, to me didn't manage to be found out. But I have found the first image of Snork was made she. It before you.  Whence ideas of creation of an image and the mechanism of work of anomalies except "Picnic" Strugatsky were scooped?

Илья Толмачев: Something from the Stalker film other from imagination of developers. What do the Debt and Freedom disappear under groupings? How there was an idea to make «Debt» – "martinets", and «Freedom» - such «hooligans»? Some fans see in open enmity between the Debt and Freedom in the Zone ideological opposition of the countries of the former USSR and the NATO in the real world, whether so it?

Илья Толмачев: : In opposition of "Debt" and "Freedom" we didn't put any political hints. Groupings were created unlike against each other for expressiveness, for contrast in images. Why in multiplayer we have a possibility play only for Freedom or Mercenaries?

Илья Толмачев: Only for the reason that their suits differ from each other on color that does their easily distinguished in multiplayer to fight enough. Actually, you play not for "Mercenaries" or "Freedom", and for "dark blue" or "green". What is with your head ?

Илья Толмачев: Cucumber is growing up on my head. The same cucumber as well a those are seled in greengrocery, but it more big than usual cucumber. Probably it even edible, I don’t know exact.

«…уютным Лиманск выглядит только на скриншотах – невменяемый геймплей почти полностью лишил эту локацию её очарования…»

«…вскоре началось проектирование приквела «Чистое Небо», и Сергей предложил мне занять должность арт-директора этого проекта, на что я с радостью согласился…»

«…для создания «Тени Чернобыля» потребовалось более трёх поездок. Для «Зова Припяти»  - одна, а для «Чистого Неба» мы не устраивали ни одной поездки. Всё зависит от концепта каждого конкретного проекта…»

«Если сценарий предусматривает множество скриптованых сцен и, частично, линейное прохождение, то для таких задач больше подходит вдумчивое проектирование «с чистого листа». Тогда получаются локации вроде Красного Леса или Лиманска.»

Автор благодарит:

- Илью Толмачева за интересную беседу и фотоматериал;

- Виталия Гвинблэида за помощь в создании интервью.

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