Greek orthodox metropolis of chicago western region family basketball tournament

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Dear Tournament Participant:

In order for us to improve the basketball tournament weekend, we are asking for your feedback.

Please fill-out and return ASAP to one of the tournament committee members. This form will be emailed to everyone who is signed-up on the tourney listserv. You may do this by visiting the contact page on our website: or by sending an email to: and typing “Subscribe Greekbball” in the body of email.

Accommodations Disagree Neutral Agree

Hotel Room & Amenities were appropriate & adequate. 1 3 5

Hotel service appropriate & adequate 1 3 5

Banquet Meals appropriate & adequate 1 3 5

Shuttle Service to courts/hotel adequate and accessible 1 3 5

Division bracketing was satisfactory 1 3 5

Performance of Referees was satisfactory 1 3 5

Courts were appropriate and satisfactory 1 3 5

There should be a JOY division formally instituted 1 3 5

Worship Services (Vespers & Divine Liturgy) easily accessible 1 3 5

Sat. Evening Banquet Program (i.e, Key Note speaker) effective 1 3 5

Friday Evening Entertainment (i.e, Dancing) appropriate 1 3 5


Tournament Committee provides leadership and direction 1 3 5

Website provides information adequately 1 3 5

Communications (email, mail, phone) effective 1 3 5

Behavior of Participants overall was appropriate 1 3 5
Format for Weekend

I prefer a Standard Weekend Format 1 3 5

(Friday evening through Sunday afternoon)

I prefer a Holiday Weekend Format 1 3 5

(Friday evening through Sunday evening; Monday travel home day)

Please email this form to or

Or print and mail to: 9601 Toledo Road Bloomington, Minnesota 55437
Thanks for your participation and support!

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