Gornja Maoca raid Media roundup 2 Bosnian police arrest seven in raid on "Wahhabi stronghold"

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Briefing paper Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Gornja Maoca raid Media roundup 2

Bosnian police arrest seven in raid on "Wahhabi stronghold": Bosnian security forces arrested seven people during a raid on a hard line Muslim community in the north of the country early on 2 February, Bosnian Serb public Television reported. Over 600 police officers raided the mountain village of Gornja Maoca in what the TV described as "the biggest post-Dayton police operation". One of those arrested was said to be a foreign citizen who the TV said would be handed over to the Office for Foreigners of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Weapons, explosives, military equipment and propaganda material were also seized in the operation. The TV said that the aim of the operation, known as "Light", was to arrest "persons suspected of endangering the territorial integrity of Bosnia-Hercegovina, attacks on constitutional order, and encouragement and spreading of racial and religious hatred."

Bosnian constitution suspended in Gornja Maoca - expert: Serbian TV carried an interview with Dzevad Galijasevic1, a member of the SE Europe expert team for counter-terrorism, who said: "Maoca is not the most important and the biggest Wahhabi and security threat in Bosnia-Hercegovina, but it became a symbol as this is the place where the constitution of Bosnia-Hercegovina was vulgarly, brutally and publicly suspended, while other, Shari'ah regulations were applied, and Islamic radicalism almost openly advocated." The TV reporter said that the village was "inhabited by around 100 members of the Wahhabi movement, whose children are attending a local school following Jordanian curricula." (Bosnian Serb Television, Banja Luka, in Serbian 1830 gmt 2 Feb 10)

Gornja Maoca "state within a state" - Serbian TV: A Serbian TV report said that Gornja Maoca had been functioning as "a state within a state" and that until the operation was mounted, police had not dared to enter the village. It added that the citizens of Bosnia-Hercegovina were in a state of "complete shock" as a result of the operation. (TV Pink, Belgrade, in Serbian 1830 gmt 2 Feb 10)

Bosnian terror expert urges continued resistance against radical Islam: Security agencies in Bosnia-Hercegovina must do more to tackle the ideologies of radical Islam, according to a member of the SE Europe expert team for the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Dzevad Galijasevic made the comments to Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA following the police operation against Wahhabis in Gornja Maoca near Brcko on 2 February. "When there is a showdown with just a few persons, or if the intention is to calm the public by arresting Nusret Imamovic (the head of the Wahhabi community in Gornja Maoca), then this is not enough," Galijasevic said. "If the Bosnian religious and political elite fail to join this fight, then it will conclude with these arrests and there will be no significant action of Islamic de-radicalization or real disarmament of Wahhabis," he added. (SRNA news agency, Bijeljina, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 0602 gmt 3 Feb 10)

Islamists creating "core" cell in Western Balkans - Serbian experts: The Serbian security and intelligence agency (BIA) has released a report that says a radical Islamic core cell is being created in the Western Balkans and is gaining strength every day, Serbian public broadcaster RTS TV satellite service reported on 2 February. The report quoted a professor at the Security Faculty as saying "There are Wahhabis engaged in indoctrination and propaganda activities. They are constantly consolidating their infrastructure. And in connection with this it should be stressed that they do not lack financial means or people." (RTS SAT TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1830 gmt 2 Feb 10)

1 For your information, Mr Dzevad Galijasevic is self proclaimed expert for counter terrorism, Whahabism and Islamic fundamentalism. He is also a former mayor of a Bosnian city of Maglaj, former member of Silajdzic’s SBiH and a president of New Democratic party of BiH.

Senad Kamenica, Media Advisor to COM EUFOR


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