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The Properties of Sphagnum Moss
Assessment: D: Scientific Inquiry E: Processing Data

F: Attitudes in Science

Your task:

· design and perform an experiment to investigate one factor which affects the amount of water absorbed by sphagnum moss.

· create a proper lab report with all sections. Refer to the Good Lab Report handout to remind you. You can also find a checklist and an Example of a Good Lab Report on my Wikispace. Make sure your report has:

- make sure it is in the correct format


- make sure it is a question


- make sure you have “If…then…because…”


- make sure you list how many and what size


- make sure you list ALL steps. The answers to the following question should be somewhere in your procedure:

· How much moss will you use?

· How much water will you use?

· How much time will you let the water absorb water?

· What does “how much” mean? Mass? Volume? Or???

· How many trials will you do? Will you take the average?
Data and Observations

-Create ONE data table for you to record all of your measurements. You should record ALL trials and then show the average. Make sure all numbers have UNITS.


Make sure to answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1. What was your independent variable?
2. What was the dependant variable?
3. List 3 other variables that you controlled.
4. Is sphagnum moss vascular or non-vascular?
5. Describe the characteristics that make it either vascular or non-vascular.
6. Is sphagnum moss a seed plant or seedless?
7. If we did the same experiment with a maple leaf instead of moss, how would your results be different? In your answer, discuss the differences between vascular and non-vascular plants.
8. Looking at the DATA from your experiment, what could sphagnum moss be used for?
9. Was your hypothesis correct?
10. If you had then opportunity to do this experiment over again, what would you change? How would you improve? What else could you test? Explain

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