Goin’ Postal auction services ebay Listing Agreement

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Goin’ Postal auction services ebay Listing Agreement

Company Name: ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ______________________________, State:_______  Zip__________

Phone: (____)_____-_____________  Fax: (____)_____-_______________

Contact Name: ________________________________________________

Contact Phone: (_____) ______-___________extension: _______________

Contact Email __________________________

The Consignor is entering into a contract with Goin’ Postal Inc. to sell their item(s) on eBay® (www.ebay.com), the online auction web site.  Item(s) are listed under section “Items for Sale.”

Explanation of the Consignment Process:

  • The Consignor will bring item(s) to Goin’ Postal Auction Services (or Goin’ Postal will collect for the current fee), who, upon consignor signing this contract, will take possession of the items for the duration of the auction

  • Goin’ Postal will inspect the item(s) for quality and clean if necessary (a fee may apply)

  • Goin’ Postal will take quality photographs and write an accurate description of item(s)

  • Goin’ Postal will research eBay® for similar items to assure proper pricing

  • Goin’ Postal will start the auction(s) and handle all aspects of the sale including correspondence with bidders

  • Goin’ Postal will collect payment from the winning bidder (“Buyer”) at the end of the auction and will ship the item(s) in a timely manner, once funds have cleared

  • Goin’ Postal will follow-up the sale by contacting the Buyer to make sure they are satisfied with the transaction

  • Once Goin’ Postal and Buyer are satisfied with the transaction, payment will be made to The Consignor by check which the consignor is responsible for collecting from Goin' Postal within 90 days of the close of the auction.

  • Goin’ Postal will return unsold item(s) to the Consignor after the closing date of final listing,  If items are unclaimed for 90 days Goin’ Postal will donate item to the local VFW.

All aspects of the transaction will be conducted under the Goin’ Postal’s eBay® User ID “GoinPostalAuctions” Auctions will run for a 7-day period.   If Consignor requests, 1, 3, 5 and 10-day auctions are available.

Items will be sold individually or in lots, with the Consignor’s consent.  Once items are listed, the auction(s) will run their full course and must be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price, unless it is a reserve price auction and the reserve is not met.

If such an instance arises that the consignor demands the item(s) to be pulled and the auction cancelled, the consignor will pay a cancellation fee of $75. The auction will not be cancelled and Items will not be surrendered to Consignor until this fee is paid in cash.  Auctions are not cancelable when they have less then 24 hours to run.

The Consignor also agrees not to bid on auctions that Goin’ Postal has listed for them on eBay®.  If such an instance occurs the Consignor agrees to pay all fees and commission associated with that auction (if the Consignor is the high bidder), PLUS a $75.00 fine and accepts the possibility of not being able to use the auction services of Goin’ Postal in the future.

Goin’ Postal will do everything possible to secure the safety of the Consignor’s item(s), however, Goin’ Postal is not responsible for any damage of the item, including fire, theft, flood, accidental damage or breakage, and acts of God. The Consignor releases Goin’ Postal of any such responsibility for any unforeseen or accidental damage.

Pricing and Fees:

The Goin’ Postal’s eBay® Account will incur charges for listing items on their site.  Any services or upgrades requested by the Consignor will carry additional fees.  These additional  fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.

Payment(s) to the Consignor for the said item(s) will be made within 30 days of receipt of funds from the purchaser.  Payment will include a printed copy of the completed auction that will serve as proof of the sale of the item and an invoice detailing fees subtracted. 

The payment formula is as follows:
Winning Bid – Goin’ Postal’s Commission (25%)  = Payment to the Consignor

Shipping and handling charges associated with the auction will be paid by the Buyer to Goin’ Postal to cover postage, delivery confirmation, and packaging materials.  These charges are independent to the selling price of the item.

The fees are provided to the Consignor in the Goin’ Postal’s informational brochure.  Fees are subject to change without notice. In addition to the package base price, The Consignor agrees to prepay all optional fees incurred by Goin’ Postal for each auction, which include, but are not limited to:

Reserve Auction Fees

A Reserve Auction fee is assessed when an auction is listed with a minimum selling price.  If the minimum selling price (or “Reserve”) is not met, all bids on the auction are null and the item does not sell.  Reserve Price Auction Fees are refundable if an item sells.  This fee will only be charged to The Consignor if reserve price is not met and the item does not sell.  The Consignor will be responsible to pay Goin’ Postal an Unsold Reserve fee of $5.00 if the item does not sell.

Auction Enhancements Available

Any auction enhancements or upgrades requested will carry a fee and is the responsibility of the Consignor to pre pay this fee before the item is accepted for listing.  Any upgrade fees are non-refundable when the item sells.

Goin’ Postal’s Commission

The Goin’ Postal’s commission for this service is twenty five percent (25%).

Goin’ Postal cannot guarantee that the Consignor’s item(s) will sell.  If an item does not sell, Goin’ Postal will re-list it one additional time.  Goin’ Postal may contact the Consignor to discuss combining individual items into lots to attract buyers.  The Consignor’s verbal consent, or email consent, will be documented in the Consignor’s file and will serve as a revision to this contract.  Items not claimed within 14 days from the end of the final listing will become the property of The Goin’ Postal.  Payments for items sold not claimed within 60 days of sale become the property of Goin' Postal.

The Consignor of said item(s) consents to the sale of said item(s) based on the terms described in this agreement. The Consignor also attests that said item(s) are fully owned by The Consignor and are not stolen, borrowed, misrepresented, bogus, etc.

The Consignor authorizes Goin’ Postal to represent The Consignor’s best interests in all correspondence with prospective Buyers for all item(s). 

Additional items may be submitted for listing under the current terms of a signed Contract for a period of 30 days from the date of original signature.  Additional items must be submitted using a new “Items for Sale” form.

The Consignor has read and understands all statements included in this agreement. This agreement may be revised or amended if necessary, at the discretion of The Goin’ Postal. All revisions to this contract, either verbally or written, will be documented in The Consignor’s file. 



Printed Name: ___________________________________


Consignor’s (Seller/ Customer) signature: _________________________________Date: _______________

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