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2A. Adjusting DATE

-By turning the crown clockwise

(adjustment cannot be effected between 21:00 hr - 1:00 hr)
2B. Adjusting GMT (2nd TIME ZONE) hand

-By turning the crown anti-clockwise
3. Adjusting HOUR/MINUTE Hands

When attempting to set the GMT (arrow-headed) hand, you will observe the GMT hand will either behave normally (stationary) or unusually “to hop” forward (about 10 minutes). If the “hopping” motion does occur, it’s a good thing, the GMT hand will synchronize precisely with the Hour/Minute hands in just awhile (10 minutes later). On the other hand if the GMT hand didn’t hop, the GMT hand has to be re-set once again and this time to add extra 10 minutes (to your desire GMT time) before pushing the crown back to position 1. The GMT hand will synchronize with the Hour/Minute hands soon afterwards (in 10 minutes).
Due to the complexity of this SH RK4D movement caliber, it is difficult to predict when the GMT hand’s hopping will occur or not. Just make sure to reset the GMT hand once again when there is no “hopping” occurred.

The important steps on setting G-01/02 :

-When setting the Hour/Minute hands is done, make sure to push the crown all the way back to position1 first before any attempt for the other (GMT/Date) adjustments.

-For GMT setting, pull the crown into position2 (from position1), turn the crown anti-clockwise to move the GMT hand. In order to set the GMT hand correctly & precisely, please pay attention to the above mentioned procedures to notice the “hopping” behavior.

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-For Date setting, pull the crown from position1 into position2, turn the crown clockwise to quick-adjust the Date. The adjustment is not effective between 21:00 pm to 1:00 am.
Additional Hints

The setting mechanism of this GMT movement is best maneuvered this

way. Once setting of the Date, GMT or the Hour/Minute setting is achieved, always return the crown back to position1, then pull the crown (all the way) into position3 to set the Hour/Minute hands, otherwise, it could be a bit difficult to pull the crown from position2 into position3, or vice versa.
It could be difficult to push the crown back to position1 if the previous setting of the Hour/Minute hands were adjusted in backwards direction (anti-clockwise).
To shift the crown from one position to another, it has to pull all the way. A distinctive “click” sound will ensure the shifting is done correctly, otherwise some strange hands movements might be experienced. It will not damage the mechanism, just make sure you can hear or feel the “click” sound on every crown shifting attempt.
What makes G-01/02 so cool is on top of the Hour/Minute hands to display the current conventional time, the arrow-headed GMT is displayed in 24hr mode which is a "must" in every decent GMT watch.
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 2 main functions :

-To use it locally, the GMT hand will act as the AM/PM indicator, or day/night. The other usage is to set the GMT time as your overseas’ (different time zone) special someone or the foreign company you always have to make contact with.
-To use it while traveling abroad, the GMT hand will come in very handy. Once you reach the destination, the main Hour/Minute will have to change into the local time accordingly. Then the GMT hand will be adjusted (forward or backwards) according to the time difference (between the 2 places) and now it displays your "home" time. By now you must be able to realize why the GMT hand is in 24 hr mode, because of the time difference, it will always precisely indicate whether your home country currently is day or night time. The last

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thing one will do is to call the love ones in the middle of the night !   i.e. : 3:00 am in the morning (as indicated in 24 hr mode), but no way to tell whether it’s day or night time when GMT just displays 3:00 o’clock in 12 hr mode.
You might need to practice a few times to set the GMT hand correctly, you'll get the hang of it very soon.
This Instruction Manual is by far the most complex I have ever written, please feel free to contact me (by email) if you have any questions.

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