Gmc standards Compliance Deanery: Postgraduate School: Public Health Title of Training Programme

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GMC Standards Compliance
Postgraduate School: Public Health
Title of Training Programme: Public Health


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The duties, working hours and supervision of trainees must be consistent with the delivery of high quality, safe patient care. There must be clear procedures to address immediately any concerns about patient safety arising from the training of doctors.


Specialty including GP training must be quality managed, reviewed and evaluated.


Specialty including GP training must be fair and based on principles of equality.


Processes for recruitment, selection and appointment must be open, fair, and effective.


The requirements set out in the approved curriculum must be delivered and assessed. The approved assessment system must be fit for purpose.


Trainees must be supported to acquire the necessary skills and experience through induction, effective educational supervision, an appropriate workload, personal support and time to learn.


Standards for trainers:

Trainers must provide a level of supervision appropriate to the competence and experience of the trainee.

Trainers must be involved in and contribute to the learning culture in which patient care occurs.

Trainers must be supported in their role by a postgraduate medical education team and have a suitable job plan with an appropriate workload and time to develop trainees.

Trainers must understand the structure and purpose of, and their role in, the training programme of their designated trainees.


Education and training must be planned and maintained through transparent processes which show who is responsible at each stage.


The educational facilities, infrastructure and leadership must be adequate to deliver the curriculum.


The impact of the standards must be tracked against trainee outcomes and clear linkages should be reflected in developing standards.

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