Glycemic regulation and safety assessment of aqueous extract from

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Glycemic regulation and safety assessment of aqueous extract from Gymnadenia conopsea tuber

研究生:鄭素芳 Cheng, Su-Fang
指導教授:廖遠東 Liaw, Ean-Tun


糖尿病(Diabetes mellitus)為現今常見之慢性代謝疾病之一,隨著生活品質的提升,罹患糖尿病的人數有日益增加的趨勢,但目前糖尿病臨床上所使用之治療藥物種類有限,且易伴隨多種副作用,有鑑於此,近年來學者積極從中草藥中萃取有效降低血糖的成分,以應用於糖尿病的預防及治療。因此,本實驗目的以手掌參(Gymnadenia conopsea) 多醣為研究題材,探討其是否亦具有調節血糖之功效,並對其食用安全性進行評估。手掌參為蘭科多年生草本植物,廣泛分布在中國,其植物塊莖為治療氣喘、神經衰弱、和慢性肝炎之傳統中藥。試驗組分別餵食5、25、50 mg/Kg B.W.之手掌參萃取物10週。實驗結果顯示,連續餵食手掌參萃取物10週可明顯地控制糖尿病鼠之空腹血糖值,尤其以餵食手掌參萃取物25 mg/Kg B.W.之實驗組,其空腹血糖值由325 mg/dL 降至211 mg/dL效果為最佳降幅達35%,而在葡萄糖耐量試驗以中其曲線下面積(AUC)減少15.96%。實驗證明在對照組動物試驗中,手掌參萃取物並無導致正常實驗動物低血糖之現象。藉由安氏試驗進行手掌參萃取物安全性評估,手掌參多醣濃度為5、25、50 mg/plate時,並未顯示毒性及致突變性。



Diabetes mellitus(DM)is one of the metabolic disorders due to deficiency of insulin action. However, available medicines for diabetes mellitus have a number of limitations, such as adverse effects and high rates of medical failure. Several studies have demonstrated that traditional Chinese medicinal plants contain anti-hyperglycemic activity. The purpose of current study is to evaluate the anti-hyperglycemic activity of Shouzhangshen (Gymnadenia conopsea R. Br.) polysaccharide. The objectives will focus on the capacity of blood glucose regulation by aqueous extract from Gymnadenia conopsea and investigate the safety of Gymnadenia conopsea polysaccharide. The Orchidaceae plant, Gymnadenia conopsea R. Br. is a perennial herb widely distributed in China. The tubers of this plant have been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of asthma, neurasthema, and chronic hepatitis. The rats in treatment groups were fed on diets in the form of 5、25、50 mg/Kg B.W. supplement of Gymnadenia conopsea in weight percentile for 10 weeks. The results shows that diabetic rats which received Gymnadenia conopsea had significantly control fasting plasma glucose from 325 mg/dL to 211 mg/dL, especially in the group of a 25 mg/Kg B.W. polysaccharides supplement. After 25 mg/Kg B.W. polysaccharides treatment the area under curve (AUC) decreased 15.96%. Normoglycemic study further revealed the potential of Gymnadenia conopsea to decrease the blood glucose level in normal rats, but do not cause hypoglycemia. Evaluate its safety by Ames test three different dosage of Gymnadenia conopsea polysaccharides, 5, 25 and 50 mg/plate, depicted no toxicity and mutagenicity under specified conditions.

Keywords:Diabetes mellitus, Gymnadenia conopsea, Ames test, fasting plasma glucose, glucose tolerance test

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