Global middle ages project (gmap) and Mappamundi Project Planning Workshop, November 8-10, 2007

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Planning Workshop, November 8-10, 2007
all events Nolte Center, 315 Pillsbury Dr S.E., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; unless otherwise noted.

Organized collaboratively by the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and the Program in Medieval Studies at the University of Texas, Austin

Additional financial and material support provided by University of Minnesota Graduate School New Interdisciplinary Initiatives Fund, and University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Study

November 8, 2007 (Thursday)
2:30 pm Workshop registration opens

4:00 pm Illustrated lecture by Ayhan Aytes (U. California, San Diego) "Simulations of Time and Life in Medieval Automata: Islamic Symbolism, Teleological Mechanisms, and Ontological Difference. Mr. Aytes is developing a prospective design for Mappamundi, the online presence of GMAP. His work on medieval Islamic automata will serve as a case study for Mappamundi’s interactive, inclusive design.

5:30 pm Public Reception with Mr. Aytes and other workshop participants.

6:30 pm Buffet supper for invited workshop participants.

8:00 pm Informal Nightcap for invited workshop participants, offering wine, beer, soft drinks, and snacks. Holiday Inn Bar and Lounge Area.
November 9 (Friday)
9:00 am Complimentary continental breakfast for invited workshop participants.

9:30 am Public keynote roundtable: Orienting GMAP: Questions and Directions, 2008-11. Geraldine Heng (U. Texas, Austin), William Phillips, Arun Saldanha (all U. Minnesota, Twin Cities) Moderator: Susan Noakes.

10:15 Sudanic Africa: Issues and Prospects
Ray Kea (University of California, Riverside), Kaim A. Klieman (U of Houston), Susan K. McIntosh (Rice University), Peter R. Schmidt (University of Florida) Moderator: Susan Noakes.

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Central Asia: Issues and Prospects
Xinru Liu (Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and College of New Jersey, Trenton), Thomas Allsen (University of New Jersey). Moderator: Gabriela Ilnitchi.

2:00 pm The Islamic Mediterranean, the “Middle East”: Issues and Prospects

Denise Spellberg (U. Texas, Austin), James L. Boone (U. New Mexico), Margaret Larkin (UC, Berkeley). Moderator: Geraldine Heng.

3:00 pm Coffee break

3:30-5:15 pm Small group discussions with and reports to whole group.

6:00 pm Dinners in small groups at area restaurants, arranged by CMS

7:30 Silk Road Lecture, Kathleen M. Ryor, “Chang’an: The Cosmopolitan Capital of the Chinese empire and Terminus of the Silk Road.”
November 10 (Saturday)

9:00 am Complimentary continental breakfast

9:30 am East Asia: 500-1500 C.E.: Issues and Prospects

Roger Hart (U. Texas, Austin), Ann Waltner (U. Minnesota, Twin Cities). Moderator: Gerry Heng.

10:30 am South Asia: Issues and Prospects

Catherine Asher (U. Minnesota). Moderator: Susan Noakes.

11:00-12:30 pm Small group discussions

12:30 pm Lunch for workshop registrants

1:30-2:30 pm Closing Roundtable with panelists on Orienting GMAP, East Asia, South Asia, the Islamic Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Sudanic Africa. Formulating an agenda, 2008-11. Moderators: Geraldine Heng and Susan Noakes

2:30 pm Conclusion. Coffee service available for those with time for further informal conversation

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