Glee- course Outline 2a- room 186 2015 – 2016 Mrs. Foti Office

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Glee- Course Outline

2A- Room 186

2015 – 2016

Mrs. Foti
Office: Room 188D

Office Phone/Voicemail: 256-4141 or 256-4000 ext. 64141


Available Times: Second Half of 1A and 1B, First Half of 4A and 4B

After School until 2:45pm

Course Description:

Glee is a performance-based class. We will have fun singing many different kinds of music: classic and current pop, musical theater, rock and roll, jazz, and others. Most songs will feature one or more soloists. We will also incorporate choreography and props into our performances. Students will have the opportunity to help choreograph many of our songs. You will learn how to give an exciting, expressive performance that our audiences will love!

Glee Choir will perform on all three concerts here at the High School: Winter Concert, Scholarship Concert, and Spring Concert. We will also do other performances in the community throughout the year. The last 4 weeks of the year will be spent rehearsing for and performing small-group performances that are 100% student-led, choreographed, and executed.


  • ½ inch black 3-ring binder

  • Pencil (first one provided by me)

  • Your instrument (aka Your body )

  • Concert Dress Clothes:

    • Ladies: Black dress, skirt and blouse, or pants and blouse, and dress shoes. All black, appropriate lengths, and fairly conservative. Please wear black tights or stockings with any dress or skirt. Colored accessories (scarf, shoes, jewelry, headbands/clips, etc.)

    • Gentlemen: Black pants, black long-sleeved dress shirt, black socks, black dress shoes, colored tie.

We will choose a specific accent color for each performance!

**REMEMBER: you will be dancing in these clothes!**


  • Actively participate in class. This course is about singing and performing. There will also be some dancing involved. These are skills and concepts that cannot be fully grasped without participation.

  • Bring your binder, music, and a pencil to each class. You are welcome to leave these items in your designated folder slot in the Glee folder cabinet.

  • Complete your “Rehearsal Reflection” journal thoughtfully at the end of each class.

  • Complete all homework and other assignments in a timely manner.

  • Attend all dress rehearsals and performances.

  • Be respectful of your classmates!

  • Please do not chew gum or eat anything during rehearsal. Since use of the mouth is essential to singing, we want to make sure nothing is in the way! Also, we do not want anyone choking while we are dancing.

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things!


Rehearsal Reflection” Journal: You will be expected to complete a “Rehearsal Reflection” Journal at the end of each class. These will state something interesting you learned in class that day, an experience you had in class that made something “click” or a frustrating experience, and any suggestions or questions that you may have. I expect that these journals be thoughtful. I will check to make sure you have completed your journal before you leave the classroom. I will collect the journals at random only 5 times throughout each quarter. These journals will be graded out of 10 points. If you are absent on a day journals are collected, yours will be collected the following class.

Homework/Practice: Homework will be given occasionally. Most days I will simply expect you to practice what we have learned in class. If you do not have access to a piano and/or do not know how to play the piano, that is okay! I will create practice tracks for you and put them on my website for you to download. Homework will be graded out of 5 points.
Dress Rehearsal and Extra Rehearsals: You must attend every dress rehearsal and extra rehearsal! The dress rehearsals are important because they may be the only time we rehearse in the Auditorium before the concert. We will be setting the lights and rehearsing with the sound system. Extra rehearsals are generally held in the evening at the high school during the weeks leading up to the concerts. These rehearsals are mostly used to solidify choreography. Every rehearsal is essential for success in our performances. See “Policies” for information on missing the dress rehearsals. Current Dress Rehearsal dates are as follows: 12/16, 3/9, 5/16. Please check any notices sent home about other extra rehearsals. Dress and extra rehearsals are worth 50 points.
Performances: You must attend every performance! This is why you are in this class—to perform in a glee choir! The performances are your tests! We will perform on the school’s Winter, Scholarship and Spring concerts. See “Policies” for information on missing performances. Performances are worth 100 points. Current concert dates are as follows:

Winter Concert: December 17, 2015 at 7:30pm

Scholarship Concert: March 10, 2016 at 7:30pm

Spring Concert: May 17, 2016 at 7:30pm

You will be expected to arrive at the High School at 6:45pm for each of these concerts. Please mark your calendars! Other performances in the community may come up throughout the year. Notices about these performances will be sent home. These will also be required performances.

Grade Breakdown:

Performances: 35%

Participation: 25%

Dress Rehearsals: 25%

Journal: 10%

Homework: 5%

Late to Class: If you are late three times in a quarter, your participation grade will drop one point for the week of the third late. If you are late more than three times, it will continue to drop one point per week for each time you are late.
Late Work: As I said before, homework is rarely given. However, if a homework assignment (or other assignment) is late, your grade will drop one point for each school day it is late.
Absence and Work: If you are absent on the day an assignment or journal is collected, it is due the day you return to class. If you are absent on the day of a Sight Singing Assessment, you will complete it at the beginning of the next class and/or lesson you attend.
Absence and Dress Rehearsals/Performance: If you need to miss a dress rehearsal and/or a performance for some reason, please get a note or e-mail to me from your parent or guardian at least two days before the rehearsal. Otherwise, the absence will not be excused and you will get a 0 for that dress rehearsal or performance. If there is a last-minute emergency, I reserve the right to make an exception with a note from home stating the situation.
Unprepared: If you come to class unprepared, 1 point will be deducted from your participation grade for that week. “Unprepared” is defined as not having your music and/or a pencil.
Please make sure your parents read this information. Tear off the attached page, print and sign your name, and then have your parent/guardian sign it as well. Return this to me no later than Friday, September 11th.
Please bring in your black ½-inch binders no later than Tuesday, September 16th.
Let’s have fun! Glee is a place to really let loose and enjoy singing! Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Dear NPHS Glee Parents/Guardians,
I am so excited to be working with your children this year! We work very hard in Glee to create performances that are exciting and enjoyable for our audiences, and we have a lot of fun while doing it!
Please take note of the concert dates listed in this Course Outline. Students are expected to arrive at the High School no later that 6:45pm on the night of each concert. We will also have mandatory dress rehearsals for each concert. These dates are also listed in this Course Outline. Reminders about these events will be sent home with your child at least two weeks in advance. Also, extra rehearsals and performances often pop up throughout the semester. Students will have advanced notice about all of these extra commitments.
If you find you are having trouble transporting your child to and/or from these rehearsals and performances, please contact me as soon as you can and I will put you in touch with another parent who may be able to pick up or drop off your child. If you are willing to provide transportation to students in need of a ride, please indicate this below. Not having a ride to these events is not an excused absence.
Throughout the year, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me! My contact information can be found at the top of this Course Outline, and on my school website Welcome Page.
I am looking forward to a fun and rewarding year!

Nicole Foti, Choir Director

Please sign and detach this page to show that you have read and understand the requirements and policies of this course. Return this to Mrs. Foti no later than Friday, September 11, 2015.

___________________________ ___________________________ ___________

Student Name (print) (sign) (date)

___________________________ ___________________________ ___________

Parent/Guardian Name (print) (sign) (date)

______ I am willing to pick up/drop off another student in need of a ride.

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