Ghislaine D. Martel

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Ghislaine D. Martel

239 des Grenier

Piopolis, Québec G0Y 1H0

Phone : (819) 583-0829

Fax : (819) 583-6053

Freelance Translator and

Interpreter 1995-present

Linguistic services : translation (English into French), proofreading (French) and interpreting (English – French).

Some clients : Accutext Inc. Gatineau (Québec) (fields : governmental documents and general), First to Last Translations, NY (fields : mainly documents for the US Justice Department), Masterwords Services Inc. Texas (fields : general and marketing)

Interpreter May 2003

Futur Allia 2003

International Business Alliance Forum

Québec City (Québec)

Interpreter (english→french) as well as (french→english)
Key account manager US and Canada 1995-2003

Atlantic Horticultural Products

Lac Mégantic, Québec

Planification of communication and selling strategies as well as participation in products development.

Representation at US tradeshows such as: Chicago, New-York, Pensylvania, Boston, NJ, Louisiana etc.

Translation of documents (english→french as well as french→english) relating to business as well as marketing fields.

Interpreter June 2000
Futur Allia 2000

6th International Business Alliance Forum

Interpreter (english→french) as well as (french→english)

Director of marketing and Public relations 1990 - 1995
Association d’Action Bénévole du Granit

Lac Mégantic, Québec

Representation and promotion of the organization.

Freelance journalist 1994
L’Écho de Frontenac

Lac Mégantic, Québec

Interviewer and writer of articles for a special supplement: Familles en Affaire.


Publications: 1993

« Je suis Énergie » published by Éditions de Mortagne, Boucherville Québec and distributed in Québec, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Translated in spanish.


« Cristal de Quartz : véhicule de Lumière » aux Éditions de Mortagne, Boucherville Québec. and distributed in Québec, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Photographer and Manager 1987-1988
Old Tucson Movie Location

Tucson, Arizona US
Producer of an architectural video project 1986
Douglas Collinson, Architect

Hawaii, US
Researcher and interviewer 1980-1985
Arizona Historical Society

Tucson, Arizona US
Freelance interpretor and translator (english→french) 1980-1985
* University of Arizona

* Hospitality Internatiional

Tucson Arizona US



Certificate in translation, Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface, Manitoba (in process).

Certificat in creativity, (Université de Montréal, Montréal Québec: 1988-1990

Administrative Office skills program, Collège Beaulieu, St-Jean Québec.

Vocational training:

Microsoft Excel, CEGEP du Granit, Lac Mégantic, 2001

English in business, Portland Maine, 1997

How to manage your life as a leader, Sherbrooke, 1992

Communication, Sherbrooke 1990
Electronic operating system:

Windows 98.

Software packages:

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Norton Antivirus, WinZip.

Translation tools:

Termium Plus

Trans Search




French and English

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