Getting Started with iTunes

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Getting Started with iTunes

Thi Nguyen, Ruth Limberg, Colin Smith Jimmy Sandhu

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Creating an Account 4

Purchasing 5

Burning a CD 6

Burning a CD Cont. 7

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The iPod is a portable device that plays music as well as movies. It is the most popular form of portable entertainment. The iPod is built/ manufactured by the Apple Store and is considered one of the best mp3 player. The iPod has cutting edge technology; because of this the competitors of the iPod are still far behind when it comes to mimicking the technology. “It should be noted that besides the ability to play MP3's, most iPod's can play AAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless and Audible 2, 3 and 4 formats.” One of the reasons that the iPod has won such favor is because of its size and storage capacity. The size allows you to wear it on your arm, and there are also cases that are sold for this purpose. You can also have up to 120GB of music or video depending upon the iPod that is purchased.


This manual is designed for anyone who has an existing iPod, or who is now attempting to create an account. It is designed to get you straight to the music without long boring steps. The software is easy to use and the website is easy to navigate. There are no safety hazards when it comes to buying music or setting up an initial account. All you need is your iPod and the USB attachment to download the purchase.

Creating an iTunes Store Account

In order to purchase music from the iTunes Store, you must first create an iTunes Store account. These easy to follow steps below, will get you on your way to purchasing music.

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. Choose Store tab > Create Account.

  3. Read through the Terms & Conditions, check the box if you agree to the terms, then click Continue.

  4. Complete the form to create your free Apple ID (the login you will use with the iTunes Store).

  5. Provide a valid payment method and billing address.

  6. Begin shopping from the iTunes Store.

Now that you have already created an iTunes Store account, you can start purchasing music, videos, movies, etc.

Purchasing Music, Videos, Movies, Etc.

These next set of steps will help you in purchasing your songs.

  1. Load your iTunes program if it isn’t already open. On the left side panel, you will see a section titled “store”.

**Note: Since you have just created an iTunes Store account, iTunes will ask you to sign in to purchase music.

  1. Click iTunes Store below the heading. Your iTunes should then say “Accessing Music Store” at the top of your iTunes; where track names and times are displayed.

  2. View the homepage that is displayed once the iTunes Store has loaded. Here you may search for videos, music, podcasts and other things to purchase from iTunes.

  3. Select the album or songs you want to purchase. Next to the songs should be a Buy Now button. Click on “Buy Now”.

  4. A screen will appear and walk you through the process of purchasing your iTunes music. Your credit card or iTunes gift card will be charged through the iTunes Music Library.

Burning a CD

    1. To create a CD, a defined playlist must first be established.

    2. Create a playlist by simply pressing + on the lower left corner of the program and name the playlist

    1. Once the playlist is defined simply drag the desired song to the playlist and unclick

    2. Repeat until the desired file size is reached ( 1.2 hours audio CD,800 MB MP3).

    1. After the correct amount of songs is reached, insert a blank CD-R.

    2. Recheck song order.

    3. Click “Burn Disk”.

    1. The settings dialog box should appear, here you can alter the CD type.

    2. Avoid CD text.

    3. Click Burn, and wait.


It is very easy to create an account, download music, and burn a CD.

  1. Create an account by going into the iTunes program; if you do not already have an existing account.

  2. You can buy your music from the iTunes store with a valid credit card.

  3. You can burn your music to a CD and also save it to your computer after you have made a playlist, in case you lose your ipod or it is stolen.

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