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Get more from…Xbox 360 Family Settings

At a Glance

  • Decide what your kids will play, both online and off.

  • Set levels of protection for games, DVDs, and Xbox Live.

  • Use a pass code to protect your own Family Settings.

Family Settings are customisable tools that give you the power to create a family-friendly gaming and entertainment experience.

The new Family Settings feature on Xbox 360™ takes your family's entertainment experience to a whole new level. Family Settings perform two functions on the Xbox 360 console. When playing offline, Family Settings can be set to grant or restrict access to games based on the OFLC rating. When playing online, Family Settings can be used to restrict access to content and contact based on the parent's choice.
Controlling the Console

Console Controls come into play whenever Xbox 360 is turned on, and help parents keep an eye not just on games, but movies and online access as well.

Console Controls include:

  • Game ratings: Xbox 360 reads from the disc what OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) rating a given game has received. Select the games you want your child to play, from G (General classification) to M (Mature).

  • Access to Xbox Live®: Go online and check out the Xbox Live Family Settings. In addition to what games can be played based on rating, you can restrict access to your child's friends list or gamer profile. On the other hand if you want to restrict access completely, you can do that just as easily.

  • Xbox Live Membership Creation: Determine whether new Xbox Live memberships can be created from your Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system.

  • Set pass code: Log in with your Passport Network account to set a separate pass code that will keep your Family Settings protected and ensure that you are the only one that can access or change them.

  • Original Xbox games: Original Xbox games can still be played without restriction if you have not configured your Xbox 360 to specifically block access to these games.

  • Turn off Family Settings: No kids? No problem! Shut down Family Settings here.

Access Family Settings from the System blade.

Get to Family Settings from the System blade, and from the next menu select Console Controls.

The Console Controls menu.

Xbox Live Controls
The other half of Family Settings can be found under Xbox Live Controls, and it governs the interaction with other users and access to the features of Xbox Live.

Xbox 360 Family Settings: Xbox Live Controls

At a Glance

  • Control access to all the features of Xbox Live.

  • Set levels of protection for gameplay and friends lists.

  • Decide who your child can communicate with online.

  • Use a pass code to protect your Family Settings.

On the original Xbox®, they were called "Parental Controls;" on Xbox 360™, this concept has expanded into the new Family Settings feature. There are two levels of Family Settings—the Console Controls that dictate the behaviour of the console offline, and the Xbox Live® Controls that set different levels of protection for online gameplay.

Controlling Xbox Live Features

Xbox Live Controls only come into play when you take your Xbox 360 online, and they're linked to a child's gamer profile and gamertag. When an Xbox Live account is created, the service asks for the member’s age to determine whether to apply Family Settings to that account.

Family Settings also act as a filter for what kids can or can't download onto the Xbox 360 console.
Parents are also required to create or use an existing Passport Network account that connects to the child’s Xbox Live account, which protects the settings from being changed later by the child. To change a child’s settings, you first select the child’s account name and connect to Xbox Live. Once signed in, enter your Passport Network password to unlock access to the settings.
Xbox Live Controls include:

  • Online gameplay: Before you can play multiplayer games online, you will need an Xbox Live Gold Membership. Once that's in place, this option allows you to decide if you child can play Xbox 360 games online and also allow or disallow them from playing original Xbox Live-enabled games that are Xbox 360 compatible.

  • Privacy and friends: You have the power to approve your child's online friends. Let your child communicate with anybody, or only with their friends; decide who can see your child's personalized gamer profile; decide whose gamer profiles your child can see; and control who sees your child's online or offline status.

  • Communications: Select "Everyone" to allow your child to communicate with anyone on Xbox Live, pick "Friends Only" to allow your child to communicate only with people on their friends list, or select "Blocked" to block everyone from communicating with your child. No matter what the setting, your child will still be able to receive new friend requests for you to approve or block.

  • Content: Last but not least, the Content controls help you set limits on the kind of downloadable goodies your kids can access. You can choose to allow your child to go onto Xbox Live for downloadable game updates, demos, and other for-fee content, as well as whether your child can download member-created content from other Xbox Live users. Here Family Settings act as a filter for what kids can or can't download onto the Xbox 360 console.

  • Online Status: Decide whether other people can see your child's online status.

  • Profile Sharing: Decide who can see your child's gamer profile which includes their motto and information about online achievements.

  • Profile Viewing: Decide whether your child can see other people's gamer profiles.

Access Xbox Live Controls from Family Settings.

Get to Family Settings from the System blade, then select the Xbox Live Controls tab and press the A button.

The Xbox Live Controls menu.

The Privacy and Friends menu.

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