Get It Right

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Get It Right
Excellence in acquisition is the top priority for GSA. The “Get It Right” Plan reaffirms GSA’s deep commitment to ensuring the proper use of GSA contracting vehicles and services.  Conducting acquisitions the right way is critical to everyone. The FAR 8.4 provides valuable reference material on acquisitions.  Customers and vendors can rely on GSA to "Get It Right".

For additional training on "Get It Right" please visit the Center for Acquisition Excellence.

What is the "Get It Right" Plan?

The "Get It Right" Plan demonstrates GSA's strong commitment to ensuring the proper use of GSA contracting vehicles and services in order to be in full compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and best practices. The "Get It Right" Plan will improve the federal acquisition process, thereby allowing agencies to obtain best value when acquiring products and services needed to accomplish their missions.

"Excellence in acquisition is a top priority at GSA. There is nothing more important than providing acquisition services to our federal agency customers in a way that delivers best value to support the achievement of their missions of service to the American people, while adhering strictly to federal acquisition policies, regulations and best practices."

GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry

July 28, 2004

"From the smallest of regional offices to our national headquarters, GSA takes seriously the trust placed in us to properly execute and manage government acquisition activities. GSA remains a premier source of acquisition solutions, and our challenge is to assure that best value is delivered while balancing an emphasis on compliance, ethics and integrity in everything we do."

GSA Chief of Staff & Interim Chief
Acquisition Officer, Karl Reichelt
August 5, 2004

What the "Get It Right" Plan is not about:

  • Saying NO

  • Punishing associates who make mistakes

  • Reducing creative solutions

  • Paying more for an item or service

  • Slowing down response time to the customer

  • Being policepersons

  • Going back to the Bad Old Days

What is the "Get It Right" Plan?

The five major objectives of the “Get It Right” Plan are to:

  1. Secure the best value for federal agencies and American taxpayers through an efficient and effective acquisition process, while ensuring full and open competition, and instilling integrity and transparency in the use of GSA contracting vehicles.

  2. Make acquisition policies, regulations and procedures clear and explicit.

  3. Improve education/training of the federal acquisition workforce on the proper use of GSA contracting vehicles and services.

  4. Ensure compliance with federal acquisition policies, regulations and procedures. Non-compliance is unacceptable!

  5. Communicate with the acquisition community, including agencies, industry partners, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Congress, and other stakeholders, regarding the use of GSA contracting vehicles and services.

To Achieve Acquisition Excellence – Compliance is Essential

President Bush has made improving government performance one of his top priorities. The "Get It Right" Plan is a major step toward achieving excellence in the performance results of the federal acquisition process.

The efficient and effective operation of the federal acquisition process is critical to the performance of each agency of our federal government and, therefore, critical to our nation. The "Get It Right" Plan calls upon every person who is a part of the federal acquisition community to focus on proper use of GSA contracting vehicles and to improve the overall performance of the federal acquisition process.

The acquisition officials at GSA and throughout government must take seriously our roles and responsibilities in order to achieve excellence in the federal acquisition process. We must take seriously the trust placed in us by federal agencies that rely on our acquisition expertise to obtain best value. We must fulfill our missions while complying with federal acquisition policies and regulations that promote full and open competition. We must adhere to the high principles of ethics and integrity. We must take seriously our professionalism and our accountability to our customer agencies, OMB, Congress and, most importantly, to the American taxpayers. The "Get It Right" Plan is designed to assist the acquisition community in achieving these results. 

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