George Bernard Shaw: Pygmalion-review

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George Bernard Shaw: Pygmalion-review

In this essay I am going to discuss George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. Before I started reading this book I got the feeling that it might be very interesting. But it kind of disappointed me, because it was not interesting at all. It was not really boring, but it was somewhere in between.

The first few pages dragged on, the main part was good, but the end disappointed me a lot. I actually thought, while I was reading, that the end would be something special, something I will not expect at all. But it was nothing fascinating. In fact, before the writer started explaining what happened afterwards, the end was just like somebody had stolen the last few pages, a cut just like that-the end.

I liked the idea of this flower girl Eliza. Her pronunciation of some sentences was very funny-the ones that I understood (because I did not understand them all). Something that bothered me was Eliza's laugh: ah-ah-ah-ow-ow-oo…it was so annoying and it was constantly repeated in the first half of the book. The other thing that, well, I can't quite say bothered me but actually confused me was the way that the dustman and parlour maid called Mrs. Higgins: ma’am. I don't know if this is normal or if this is some kind of expression that people say, but I have never heard it before (a servant girl calling her employer ma’am).

The author's purpose in writing this book was probably to show that not only rich people can be in high society parties, but also anyone who acts appropriately. Eliza was just a normal flower girl who did not speak the right kind of English. So when Mr. Higgins taught it to her over six months in a bet with Mr. Pickering, she was just like a girl from a high society club. She talked politely and acted as well (of course she had to have a nice dress, which they bought) but anyway, if you are taught how to talk and act, you are as good as the rich people.

In the conclusion I just want to say that mainly the book was good but nothing special and that the end should have been more fascinating for my taste.

Pika Polona Penca, 3.h

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