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17. Information on project proponent:

AEDES - Asociación Especializada para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Jr. Lima 201, Cotahuasi, La Union

Arequipa – Peru

054-581053; 054-430794

  1. Date of establishment, membership, and leadership:

AEDES was created in 1994 by a group of professionals with diverse specialties who work together as consultants on all aspects of Rural Development. It is registered as a Civil Association, in the Registry of Receiving Non Governmental Organizations of International Cooperation and Development, in the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of the Presidency. Its Executive Director is Manuel Tejada Cano, a sociologist by training who is highly experienced in development planning (Masters) and in Regional Rural Planning (Specialization). Another key leader is Joaquin Ugarte Núnez, a biologist responsible for environmental and natural resources management programs.

  1. Mandate/terms of reference:

AEDES is an NGO that has been working in the Project area for the last six years. It has promoted eco-businesses that assist the local population in becoming involved in the sustainable use and conservation of the area’s biodiversity and, through an agreement between private and public organizations and the local population, has led to the conservation of the biological wealth of the Cotahuasi watershed.

  1. Sources of revenue:

AEDES finances its activities with its own sources of income and with the support of agencies involved in international technical cooperation, including:

21. Recent activities/programs, in particular those relevant to the GEF:

AEDES has been active for the past four years in the River basin of Cotahuasi, with three main focuses:

        1. Study of the natural resources, with the participation of the population, to develop strategies for local sustainable management. The most important activity has been a study of the biodiversity of the Cotahuasi river basin, and AEDES’ work in this regard has prompted CONAM to appoint AEDES as the Technical Secretary of the Technical Group for the Sustainable Management of the Biodiversity of the sub-river basin of the Cotahuasi.

        2. Promotion of ecobusinesses, designed to show the local population how to profit from the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable handling of the environment in general. For the past four years, AEDES in conjunction with local groups has undertaken investigations of the rich biodiversity (floral and faunal) in the Project area with the intent of identifying species that can plan a role in ecobusinesses such as organic agriculture and ecotourism. The most significant advance is the implementation of a program of organic production, with export aims, that is now preparing its fifth agricultural campaign (2000-2001).

        3. Local management of natural resources, particularly the promotion of sustainable development at the watershed level. The most important advance is the execution of the local Agenda 21 programs (1996-2001) on the provincial level (river basin) and in four of the eleven districts (sub river basins), in which local people’s organizations have an active role. In the last Ecodiálogo (1999), AEDES received from CONAM the single Honorable Mention that was granted for our contribution to sustainable development in the area.

Specific studies and projects have included the following:

  • Study of the biodiversity of the Cotahuasi basin (Faunística wealth (Zone I and II), Medicinal Flora, Floristical Wealth, Diversity of Entomofauna, Diversity of Phytogenetic Resources)

  • Proposal for Sustainable Agricultural Development on the basis of phytogenetic resources (conservation in situ)

  • Study and Basic Design for sustainable Use of the Water Resource in the River basin of the Cotahuasi.

  • Impacts of the Local Agendas 21 on cultural sustainability (Cultural diagnosis of the Province of La Union)

  • Strategic Environmental Analysis of the Development Plan of the District of Pampamarca

  • Advisory work to the farmers of the Association of Producers of Organic Crops (APCO) on the Implementation of the Program of Organic Production of Crops for Export

  • Preliminary Studies of the Economic and Ecological Zonation of the Cotahuasi River basin (Province of La Union)

  • Formulation (preparatory step) of Agenda 21 for the province of La Union, for the long-term implementation of the Provincial IS.


  1. Project identification number: 1658

  1. Implementing Agency contact persons:

Lita Paparoni, Regional Coordinator, UNDP/GEF, One UN Plaza, DC1-2274, New York NY 10044, USA. Tel: 212-906-5468; Fax: 212-906-6688; email:

Michel Archambault, Oficial de Programa, PNUD, Av. Benavides 786, Miraflores Lima – Peru. Tel: 51-1-447-0054; Fax: 51-1-447-2278; email:
24. Project linkage to Implementing Agency program(s):
The proposed project complements the current Country Cooperation Framework: 1997-2000 (CCF), both thematically, and with respect to executing arrangements. Under the CCF, UNDP has agreed to assist Peru in meeting commitments arising out of various international agreements, including the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Moreover, the CCF proposes “support for the environment and natural resources conservation” as a specific programming area for UNDP support. The framework also promotes projects that combat deforestation and desertification while maintaining Peru’s biological diversity, and projects that “restore the productive capacity of the agricultural sector...” and “upgrade irrigation and drainage systems... and improve the management of water and soil”. Finally, the CCF encourages increased participation by grass-roots community organisations and non-governmental organsiations (NGOs) in the execution of projects carried out with assistance of UNDP.



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