Game’Ma and Game’Pa

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Game’Ma and Game’Pa

The game console Game’Ma and Game’Pa were specially designed for the elderly to help them stay active as they grow older. It is important for the elderly to stay active so they don’t get bored quickly and it is healthy for their brain and fingers function also. Game’Ma and Game’Pa were designed to look like the old game console called Game Boy Advance but with updated features to help the elderly play. Game Boy Advance was developed by Nintendo of America Inc. and was introduced in the North America in June 21, 2001. The game system will have the old Game Boy Advance features but with the updated ones, it was created meant for the elderly. The updated features are enlarged buttons to press, old-classic games, slower pace games, large color screen, old pop music, loud speaker, and games are included for the convenience of the elderly. The game system comes in different colors to suites different personalities. The game console is packed with a cable to plug in to the television set, a rechargeable battery, AC adaptor, AC power cord, the cable to plug in into television set, printed materials, and a disk full of old-classic games. The battery will lasts up to five hours of playing games. List of the old classic games that we put in this product are pac-man, Tetris, chess, card games such as solitaire and many others, bingo, Mario Bros, Sudoku, checkers, snake, mahjong, yatzy, and mastermind.

The value of this product that can benefit the elderly are health reasons by making them stay active and think by challenging them in playing games. This game will make the elderly feel younger by bringing back their memories of playing the games with the extra benefit of staying active. Although this game was meant for the elderly to stay active, people at any age who are interested in playing games are able to purchase and play this game system. The product is called Game’Ma for the grandmother and Game’Pa for the grandfather. The name of the product will specify the target market and can be identified through the colors of the game system. The origin of the name came from Game Boy and the word Game’Ma and Game’Pa which pronounced like grandma and grandpa to show who our target market for the game system is.

The culture of this the origin of the Game’Ma and Game’Pa was followed by the Game Boy Advance which was developed in 2001 by Nintendo in Japan. Game Boy Advance became successful everywhere in the world especially Japan, United States, Canada, China, and Australia. The demographic that can affect the product are determined by age, race, gender, income, and education level. The age level for this product is for those who are sixty-five and older with no exceptions of their gender, race, income, and education level of accomplishment. This product is specifically made for the elderly who cares about their health and have interest in games. The Game’Ma and Game’Pa are very up to date and modern piece of technology compare to the Game Boy Advance because of the updated features for the elderly convenience. The economic situation of the country won’t greatly affect this product due to the target market that is not too wide for the company to sell. The political/legal analysis for this product will affect the government by the existence of this product. This product will help the elderly to stay active which means live longer and their Social Security will have to cover them longer. The corporate partners of the Nintendo Inc. are companies that sell their game system and the game that can be played on their game console such as Toys “R” Us, Amazon, Best Buy, other retailers, and licensee game and accessory companies such as Atari, Bandai, Disney Interactive, and Mattel. Nintendo’s competitors are Sony and Microsoft because Sony invented the PlayStation Portable or the PSP and Microsoft invented the Xbox and Microsoft is also in the game invention field. The consumer of this product will be the elderly and their family who care about them because of the benefits given in this product.

The price of this game console is around seventy-five dollars each because the Game Boy Advance itself cost around seventy to eighty dollars each. Also, the price is affordable and reasonable for the elderly to buy and their families also. Game’Ma and Game’Pa are available at game stores such as GameStop, Toys “R” Us, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Best Buy, even at Walgreens and other drug stores because elderly tend to visit there often to purchase their medicine. On advertisement, we planned to put the advertisement in health magazines such as Health, Reader’s Digest, Self, and also in family magazine and television commercial. It would be better if we could get a publicity by famous spokesperson such as Oprah because this product will help the elderly to stay active and be healthy longer.

Hannah Regina

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